Homily of the Day

Be Open to God

Sometimes it’s more convenient for us to be deaf than to hear what we need to do for our Lord. When anyone asks for volunteers, we suddenly can’t go about giving our support. It’s so much easier to show up at our own time and at our own convenience.

Listening is the dying of one’s own selfish distractions. Listening is to remain totally focused on what the speaker is trying to say. It takes skill to filter out what we don’t find appealing. Unfortunately, we might miss out on what could benefit us in the long run. Even as we read this reflection, our thoughts may be wandering: a long desired vacation, a nice cool drink, a certain person who has been on our mind quite often.

We need God to shake our heads and unplug our ears. It’s good to be shocked into focus, somehow liken to jarring the television set when the picture suddenly turns fuzzy.

God needs our cooperation. Our entire being should be open and willing to accept whatever God asks of us. He’ll clear out the blockage, but He leaves it up to us to remain steadfast and loyal to His words. Each day that we reflect on what the Lord seeks from us, may we grow to become more faithful to Him and to entrust ourselves into his hands. There’s no need to feel lost in silence when we allow God to enter our hearts.