One Soul’s Escape From Satanism to Catholicism

In 2011, at an Easter Vigil in a simple parish church in New York State, a number of souls were received into the Catholic Church. As it does every year, the ceremony moved from the darkness surrounding the Paschal Fire through the many readings from the Old and New Testament to the proclamation of the triumph of the Resurrection – reminding all present that the long reign of Sin and Death has finally ended. On that night, those adults becoming Catholics made their baptismal promises. They accepted the Truths of the Faith. They rejected Satan and all his works and all his empty promises.

It is right and fitting that they did so, but for one among them it had an even greater significance than for the others present that night. Previously, he had been part of a witch’s coven. For many years, he had practiced its blasphemous rites, and seen things that he maintains could only have come from Hell as that is whence he had summoned them.

Of course, Fred Wolff had not always been a Satanist. In fact, he was born, in 1956, into a New York Jewish family. His family was not overtly religious. Nevertheless, the boy attended the local synagogue and Hebrew School, and then duly made his Bar Mitzvah. He left the practise of his faith when aged 16-year-old. A year later he had his first introduction to the Occult.

A friend brought him to meet his cousin. This cousin happened to run an Occult bookshop in Wolff’s hometown. There, the youth met men who were witches; soon he was happily being inducted into Wicca. Wicca pretends to be magic of the sort that harms no one. Looking back, Wolff sees it was harming him, and more worryingly opening the channel to another deeper, more dangerous, encounter with evil.

On one level, Wolff’s life appeared normal. In 1977, he joined the Air Force and was duly posted to different parts of the country. On another level, his life was anything but normal. In these different postings with the military, he would be connected to Occult groups that were present wherever he was stationed. In his own words, such covens are ‘widespread’ – true then, no doubt, even more so today.

One encounter proved too much, though, and showed where this was ultimately leading. Wolff was posted to California. A man approached him. As he did so, he noticed that the man carried a leather case with a Pentagram upon it. This symbol of devil worship proved to be portentous, for the man was a Satanist. He invited Wolff to his first Black Mass.

It took place in San Francisco and left the airman traumatised. He had never experienced anything like it before, despite the many Wicca ceremonies in which he had taken part. What he does remember of that ‘mass’ was that the chief ‘celebrant’ of its blasphemy was a defrocked Catholic priest.

Here is not the place to recount the vile things witnessed that night as the Holy Mass was perverted into a sacrilege. What Wolff remembers clearly is that he was aghast while attending it. But, no matter how frightened he felt of what was taking place before his eyes, there seemed to be another power, albeit an invisible one, holding him there, preventing his leaving.

After his discharge from the air force, in 1981, Wolff returned to civilian life. He also returned to the practise of his pagan ways. Soon he was the High Priest, so called, of his local coven on Long Island. And, so it remained, and would have done so, had not a figure from his past reappeared in the winter of 1982. That person was one of the people whom he had met at the Occult bookshop all those years previously, and who, subsequently, had introduced him to Wicca. He came with a curious request.

The man was convinced that he had found the ritual and invocations to conjure up a demon. He asked if Wolff wanted to participate in what he was about to attempt. More out of curiosity than anything, Wolff agreed; however, what was about to take place was to change both men’s lives.

A so-called ‘circle of protection’ was marked upon the floor. His friend told him that as long as they stayed within the circle’s confines they would be ‘safe’. The chanting of the long incantations began. Little did either of them know of the power of evil and that Satan and his demons have one goal: to destroy all those with whom they come into contact, ‘friend’ or foe. And yet, the ritual continued.

As it did so, from the corner of the darkened room, a figure began to appear. As it came into the light, Wolff remembers it was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, with a beauty that was captivating. She beckoned to him to leave the circle. Somehow, motivated by fear more than anything else, he managed not to move. It was just as well for within seconds the figure had changed from beautiful to that of a hideous shape. In fact, he was later to say that it was the most horrible thing he had ever set eyes on. But, by then, he says, the ‘real show’ had just begun.

The very walls around the two men appeared to melt. And with that, came the most suffocating and awful smell – a sulphuric smell. Today, Wolff realises that he was being given his very own glimpse of Hell. Now, he says that when he hears of people who say that Hell doesn’t exist, he knows they are wrong – he has seen it, smelt it even.

And, with the coming of Hell, so too arrived one of its occupants as the summoned demon now made an entry.

The reaction on seeing this shape was one of fear, a paralysing fear. The demon looked straight at the two men and then laughed at them, asking if they thought the circle would really keep them safe? Before any answer was uttered, Wolff’s companion was lifted from the floor and thrown against an adjacent wall approximately 15 feet away. At this, Wolff could take no more and fled horror-struck through the house before locking himself in a room.

How long he hid there, he still has no idea. What he does know, in retrospect, is that if the Hand of the Almighty had not sheltered him that night he is convinced that he would now be dead.  Of this, he is certain.

His companion did not fare so well, however. When Wolff emerged and returned to the room where the ritual had taken place, he found him lying on the floor, foaming at the mouth. A police and ambulance were soon in attendance. The police did not believe Wolff’s story that he had just ‘happened by’ and found his friend in this state; but there was no overt evidence of violence or drug use and so the police let it go. Eventually, his friend was taken to a psychiatric institution on Long Island. He was to die there from self-inflicted wounds some years later.

Wolff had now seen too much. He wanted out. At last, he sensed the danger he was in. The next day, he told the other members of the coven of this desire to leave. They started to threaten him: no one was going anywhere; somehow, he managed to get away from them and ran to his car parked outside. But try as he might, the car wouldn’t start.  And as he was sitting there, turning the ignition, suddenly, out of the building from which he had just fled, there appeared two witches. In the rear-view mirror, he could see that they had spotted his car. He watched as they seemed to cast a spell at Wolff and his vehicle. The next moment all he remembers was that the windows of his car blew out.

It was then the car started, and, seconds later, a dazed Wolff sped off into the night …

The following day when he went to get the glass repaired, the men doing so commended him for doing a ‘good job’. He did not understand what they meant. So they explained that obviously he had cleaned the inside of the car from all the broken glass. The only thing was, he hadn’t. To this day, Wolff is sure that something, or someone, had protected him from the force of the blast so as the shattering glass had been deflected away from him. He thinks this could only have occurred through the protection of his guardian angel.

At Wolff’s then work place, there was a Christian who had often tried to speak to him about Christianity. Wolff had never been interested. Now, when he met the man, he begged him to take him to church. Days later, at a Baptist church, watched by his surprised work colleague, Wolff accepted Our Lord as his Saviour. As he was to say later, after the night of that infernal ritual, he knew he needed a saviour; and, perhaps more importantly, he knew from what he was being saved.

The years that followed were far from easy. He got married, but the marriage broke down; he suffered from depression. His church attendance was sporadic.  He had no firm adherence to any of the many Protestant groups he attended. There was a constant theme running through these groups though. It was a fear of Catholicism, often dressed up in arguments against or negative comments about the Church. Paradoxically, these polemics had the opposite effect on Wolff. He began to read books by authors such as Scott Hahn, Patrick Madrid and other Catholic apologists.  The more he read, the more a shape formed in his consciousness, but one wholly unlike the hideous figure of that dreadful night many years ago. This was an altogether different one, and one whose beauty was true, for it was the Bride of Christ, His Church.

Now, at last, at that Easter Vigil in 2011, in a church dedicated to her who crushes the head of the serpent, Wolff attended a Holy Mass instead of the counterfeit he had witnessed in the past, and, having confessed all, received his Saviour in Holy Communion, and, with it, the peace and joy that casts out all fear.

K. V. Turley


KV Turley writes from London

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  • Roger C. Thibault

    Amen! Pray rosary! Remember Fatima. Quito, etc!

  • Pamela

    What a great story of the power of saving grace — not to mention what a fantastic suspense thriller — complete with the classic scene wherein the car won’t start as the victim flees the bogeymen! Mr. Wolf should commission Mr. Turley to write a book about it.

  • fredw56

    There have been many times I wished it had all been a thriller rather than real life. That car was the bane of my existence in the winter time…if you didn’t warm it up for 15 minutes it would stall! Thank you for your kind words!

  • Jim

    I assist others with very serious spiritual problems, similar to those experienced by Mr. Wolf, normally subsequent to them having dabbled in the occult. I basically refer people to the Sacraments, i.e. Mass, confession, etc., and to use the sacramentals, i.e. blessed salt, holy water, devotional prayers to St. Michael & St. Raphael, and Mary’s Rosary. Satan’s goal id NOT possession, but damnation, via suicide via dark intrusive thoughts. Objectively, suicide is a mortal sin, but, subjectively, God’s mercy is great. I get many emails prior to both Halloween and Christmas. Viva Christo Rey. Jim.

  • Sam Khan

    For ALL Catholics, I advise everyone to be very vigilant and alert, and never take your eyes off the altar during the consecration. The words spoken and the hand signs has to be of precise for the holy transubstantiation to take effect.

    I have encountered a priest (I pray for his intention that it was holy during the consecration), that signed an inverted cross on the host. A long vertical and then a horizontal at the bottom of that long vertical sign he made. In short, he made a hand sign of an inverted cross during the consecration of the host.

    I was furious, I was sad, I felt betrayed, and I asked for forgiveness for the great insult and betrayal of such a priest to God and Jesus. I then asked the Holy Spirit to protect everyone who will be taking the communion. I refrained from taking communion from that mass.

    After I fled to the tabernacle and prayed fervently.

    I am a devout Catholic, and I believe that we need to pray to cast out the Devil and his children from our church. A spiritual renewal and cleansing prayer. Please ask our Lord Jesus to prevent sacrileges in our Holy Mass, and to pray for our Priests, for full submission to the WILL OF GOD ALMIGHTY!

    Blessed be God and his angels and his saints.

  • Michael J. Lichens

    I had a similar car. It also had a mysterious water leak in the back that would appear, even if it hadn’t rained. Either way, we got here and glad to have you in the Church!

  • Ramanie

    Thank you K. V. Turley for this wonderful article. I am going to spread the article.The more we are educated and always pray the better. We need to educate the young and those who thinks that devil is a fragment of imagination. God bless you always.

  • Angela

    Hi Jim. I am having some of those problems due to being in the occult and new age before conversion. What do you reccomend. I am having spiritual attacks in my dreams almost every night

  • Jim

    Hi Angela
    The cure for evil is holiness. We achieve such via the Sacraments and the sacramentals. Evil is furious you left. Satan hates you lose you. Greater spiritual power via the Sacraments first and Sacraments talk second day are the key. Email me and I’ll give you more specific advise. hang in there. It’ll now step things up. Fear not.

  • agnus dei

    Inverted cross? You mean st. Peter’s cross?

  • HungryEd

    Hahahaha! What bullshit! Isn’t perpetuating drivel the opposite of what a christian should do?

  • fredw56

    Amen, sir!

  • fredw56

    The inverted cross is also used in occult rites.

  • Beentheredonethat

    Maybe you should also visit an exorcist & receive a blessing from him.

  • Angela

    I think my paeish priest would think I was crazy. I doubt he would believe me in order to get a refferal to an exorsist

  • Beentheredonethat

    Can’t hurt to ask or talk to someone at your diocesan office—-someone do with liturgy. God bless you.

  • Michelle

    Hello Angela. I was feeling like there was something going on in and around me even though I was in the state of grace and had been reverted for almost 20 years. First, I read Drunks and Monks, which was excellent. That prompted me to ask a trusted priest if there were priests who, along with confession, administered “deliverance” prayer. He directed me to and it changed everything. Funny, when I went to the site, its home page displayed the book “Unbound” by Neil Lozano. It was no coincidence that I had just ordered it that morning before the good priest got back to me! It had been popping up here and there to the point where I said to God, “I guess you want me to get this book.” God bless.

  • Blobee

    May all mankind be so saved by our Lord Jesus Christ, whose power exceeds even the darkest of demons! Praise be to You, Lord Jesus Christ!

  • Blobee

    God bless you. Stay strong. Know there are other faithful and devout Catholics out there, perhaps hidden from view, who worship God and desire to have His Kingdom come. I admire you that you did reparation for this insult to Our Lord, and that you prayed a prayer of protection for those attending.

    Satan is bold. His minions are self righteous. They have no real idea, like the man in the article, what they are asking for, what they are “conjuring,” what they want to inflict on the world, when they side with Satan. They are like puppets – just a means for Satan to act on the world.

    Satan is a destroyer. If you note, Satan never builds up, he only destroys. It is easy to destroy what someone else has worked long and hard to build. Think of how long it takes to build up a business, or a house, or a good family. And yet something evil such as a fire or storm can destroy it in minutes. Satan never builds. He only destroys.

    God bless you. Keep “fighting” the evil in the place God has placed you. You are part of the army fighting along with the good angels.

  • Blobee

    @fredw56: I expect you are the subject of the article by what you are responding. Can you tell me, was the Rite of Christian Initiation “enough” to rid you of any further attacks, or have you continued to experience dark things as mentioned by Rev. Jim – i.e., thoughts of suicide and so on? What do you do to fight the devil now?

    Can you give any insight into how things have gone for you since your conversion, meaning, what you know is best how to live each day? I expect it’s things we are taught as Catholics: Holy Mass, Confession, devout reception of the Eucharist, the holy Rosary… But what should our general deportment be in the times we are not doing those things, such as at while at work or taking care of our families? How are we most susceptible to the devil’s actions? What should our internal response be when we are tempted with discouragement and upset by the increase of evil we see in our society and culture?

    I hope you don’t mind me asking these questions. May God continue to bless you.

  • fredw56

    I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions, if I can. I don’t mind at all. If you (or anyone else) would like to write and discus anything, my email address if I’ll check back here later.

  • luvgabe

    Mr. Wolff,

    Thank you for recounting your experiences. May I know how your (Jewish) family members reacted to your conversion to the Catholic Church? Thank you and God bless.

  • fredw56

    I have a very small family. My parents were deceased before I joined Mother Church. However, my mother knew I had converted to Christianity, but she pleaded with me to never join the Catholic Church. You have to remember that, for many years, some Catholics looked upon Jews as “Christ-killers” and, even though my mom did have a few Catholic friends, there was always that elephant in the room. I think, if my mom was still alive, I would be able to assuage her fears and distrust of the Catholic Church.

  • JT

    Please give it a try. Most Priests have already heard everything. The evil does NOT want you to get help from the Priest.

  • Grace

    Sleep with a rosary under your pillow and when you feel an attack, invoke the name of Jesus over and over. It works. God bless

  • Angela

    I will. Thank you 😊

  • RW Cross

    The episode of the defrocked, satanist, priest in a black mass, brings to mind the book by novelist, ex-Jesuit priest, and traditionalist, Malachi Martin; he wrote in the Windswept House (Doubleday), that Satanism is deeply embedded in the Catholic Church. Martin also prophesied that there would be an abdication of the Pope, forced by the Satanists. Having read this in the 1990s, it was chalked up as pure fiction, along with the other tales. Martin also wrote (prophesied?) that the Pope’s successor would be picked to do the bidding of the globalists.

  • Morrie Chamberlain

    Did you confront the priest?

  • Morrie Chamberlain

    Mr. Wolff, I think conversion stories and testimonies are very powerful and give hope to many. Thank you for allowing Mr. Turkey to share your story as yours is very unique and proves once again that no one is beyond the reach of God. Is there a website that you know of geared specifically towards converts from the occult? From some of the questions posed here it seems a website would be a good idea.

  • fredw56

    Thank you for your kind words, sir. I’m sure there are a few websites out there; I, personally, don’t know of any from the Catholic perspective of leaving the occult. I will do some research and, if I find any, I will post the links here.

  • Nine Man Morris

    I have investigated all such activity in a professional capacity for over 25 years. I have been to Philipines, Brazil, Europe, and North America, and I have never seen proof of demonic activity. Two main problems: 1) Demons are spiritual creatures. As such, they should know, if a psychiatrist looking secular and normal were to have certain texts or saint’s relics out of sight, like in a pocket. They don’t – if the person doesn’t know, the so-called “demon” never seems to know. 2) If we put a D2 blocker like Saphris or Abilify in the food surreptitiously, all symptoms disappear in a week. I think neither of these would be possible with a true spiritual agent.

    I am a faithful Catholic, but the reason for priest and professional skepticism is that it never works out, and it usually seems to be psychiatric.

  • montana2298

    That is also the third secret of Fatima and that is why it was never read aloud as was directed by the Virgin Mary . .”Satan had entered the church ” at the same time Vatican 2 was commencing that announcement would have done more damage than any nuclear bomb detonated . That is why the pope, in 1965 never did what was asked. My how pride can stand in the way of a request by the Mother of God himself. That is also why Mary has been appearing in every part of the world . God help us all . Pray the rosary , it is the way to salvation . TJTM

  • montana2298

    That is done every year when we renew our baptismal vow rejecting Satan and all his works. Pray the rosary if you want someone to watch over you as only a mother can. There is nothing absolutely nothing Jesus won’t do for his mother . Mary intercedes for us

  • montana2298

    Fred, Is there a way to identify theses ” satanists, witches, wicca people?) I grew up in a very Irish Catholic home in Chicago and am very aware of the power of eh hmmm him( I hate saying his name) but in my 54 yrs of life I have to my knowledge , never come across any of these groups . Praise to that!!! My curiosity started when I kept hearing about the music industry and ties to the illuminati . ” They sell their souls to the devil for fame and fortune” , performers like Beyoncé, Katy Perry etc. I said ” come on, just because they are successful doesn’t mean they forsake the Lord for his adversary”. It was then I came across a man by the name of ed Gunderson , an ex FBI agent who outed the satanism and pedophile rings tied to Boys Town in Iowa , Washington DC and more. I had absolutely no idea this was as widespread as it is. Do you have an email address for questions ? I don’t want to post mine on here.
    REE Murphy

  • montana2298

    Fred I posted a question for you on here I wasn’t sure how to email you directly. It should be one of the newest on here

  • fredw56

    Sure, Ree…you can email me at Be happy to answer your questions. As for a way to identify Satanists, Wiccans, etc…Wiccans may wear jewelry that would identify them, such as a pentagram (not the inverted one). Satanists…that’s another issue. The guy I met had a red briefcase with an inverted pentagram on it…he pretty much stood out. Email me and we can discuss it!

  • Diana B. Gillon

    Extraordinary story so glad he is now safe in God’s Peace

  • Sam Khan

    I do not believe you when you said you have been to all these countries and still has not found proof of demonic activity.

    Most Satanists are in the medical field working for their big brother, the Illuminati. They actually recruit humans with “special” abilities, and most of these people are desperate enough to come here to the west, and the Satanists provide the paper works, after they pledge their allegiance to the devil, or to these morons who are working for this bigger moron.

    Most Illuminati families work with the psychiatrists and administer pharmacological drugs and “advanced engineering” to everyone they want to control, including their own families. They are creating an army of mind-controlled puppet. Their kind of breed for what they think their ideal future, the New World Order.

    Satan is a used car salesman, and SPIRITUAL WARFARE is far more obscure and intricate concept of soul and body possession.

    Possession is just the first step: their ultimate goal is for humans to WILLFULLY reject GOD with all of their being.

    Do not be afraid of the devil and his children, my brothers and sisters. These creatures are very legalistic. They can not own something that belongs to GOD. Sin can be controlled through sacrifice and penance, it weakens our body and strengthen our spirit. But all these are just supplemental to the SACRAMENT of the Eucharist and Confession.

  • Sam Khan

    Thank you, and God Bless you and your family.

    I actually cried like a baby when I prayed the rosary praying to Mother Mary and Jesus; I also invoked Archangel Michael and God’s Army for assistance.

    It happened during the Legion of Mary retreat, and that priest was our Retreat Master.

    The Legion of Mary is an army of Mother Mary. The Devil has a wicked sense of humor; But ITS time is almost up.

  • Sam Khan

    Pray for our church and for our priests. Thank you.

  • Sir John

    You don’t need to speak to your parish priest and if you have doubts on their response avoid them. Parish priests do not give referrals because they are removed from this rite. The official process of seeking assistance for an exorcism begins with you contacting the diocese you fall under, perhaps their healing and deliverance ministry. Whatever it is named, just call the main diocese number, tell them you seek assistance with a demonic oppression or possession case and they’ll put you through. You’ll fill out an application explaining the situation and an exorcist priest will contact you to proceed.
    I speak from experience on behalf of a loved one.
    Pax Christi

  • Sir John

    Those are all fantastic and very effective recommendations; sacraments, sacramentals and prayers. I would also highly recommend having one’s house blessed and keeping holy water at bedside.
    Pax Christi,

  • Angela

    Many thanks for your advice. I will certainly be doing this. Very much appreciated 😊

  • Angela

    Thank you will do 😊

  • Angela

    I will look at it 😊

  • Angela

    Thanks Jim I will email you

  • Angela

    Sorry but I know they are real as I used to be a psychic reader, reiki master healer, voodoo magic etc every and was regularly involved and communicating with spirits. I was paid very well and in demand for my work. Spirits turned on me when I renounced them and their evil works and found the Truth. Thanks. Btw I am also a qualified Counsellor and I know alot about psychological issues. A psychological isssue cant make a glass magically explode randomly, nor can it explain appartions others have seen in my home. Thanks.

  • Angela

    I completely agree with you

  • Maureen

    I became involved with “white magic” while living in brasil in the 1970’s. I had left my catholic religion, married an agnostic and thru him and others got involved with this Umbanda.”
    I later; woke up to reality and thank God; yrs. later, returned to the Catholic Faith thru Our lady of the Roses , Mary Help of Mothers shrine in Bayside,NY. People who deny evil and the existence of the evil ne are fools and stupid at that! I experienced itand I thank god and Our Lady to be back Home!

  • Maureen

    And my ex was a fallen away Catholic; at that time; a self proclaimed agnostic and a Commnist; against his own country and to boot a Psychiatrist! Very smart; spoke 3 languages but because of his affiliation with communists, he could never land a decent job; 3 PT jobs and thatbarely put food on the table! this was in Brasil!

  • Jim

    Thank you. Blessing of one’s home is a great idea. However, sometimes it can actually make things worse, akin to poking a bear with a stick. If its a lower choir of fallen angel, a house blessing may suffice. However, in regards to a higher choir of demon, a house blessing won’t be nearly enough. The Holy angels follow St. Michael in Heaven out of love and the demons follow Satan in Hell, due to slavery. A very different dynamic. Viva Christo Rey. Jim.

  • Guest

    So is the Church indefectable or isn’t it? Don’t let scary conspiracies and private revelations make you forget the promises of Christ concerning
    His Church. The See of Rome can never lose the faith.

  • Sam Khan

    The Virgin Mary will not let her faithful children die in vain. If you pray hard enough, even the most mind-controlled slave can be woken up from its deep stupor. Pray for the Pope for complete submission to the WILL of God and that the Holy Ghost will not let him do anything to harm the church and her children.

  • Nine Man Morris

    You agree that “Satanists are in the medical field working for their big brother, the Illuminati. They actually recruit humans with “special” abilities, and most of these people are desperate enough to come here to the west, and the Satanists provide the paper works, after they pledge their allegiance to the devil,”

    I’m pretty sure if this statement you “completely agree with” were true, if this were part of medical school,it would have been revealed by now I believe. Angela, if you believe this about doctors as you say, you are mentally ill then. That’s called a paranoid delusion. And Samuel Khan is obviously psychotic. You can read his read his recent comment about how Chuck E Cheese is an illuminati headquarters: “*llum*nat* families launder their money and create legitimate businesses, including condominiums – any business you name it.” These threads always lend creedence to the idea that religion is for the mentally. St. Thomas Aquinas was very against this kind of thing, and I agree with him. And Maureen, your ex-husband was/is bipolar. Doctors can have mental and physical illnesses too. Because they are physical conditions – anyone can get them.

  • Angela

    You keep living in your world and pretend satan is not real nor are spirit’s and then that would make God and his church and word obsolete. As for making me out to be mentality ill, without examination and just an opinion over a thread that would make you a jerk a bully and very very hateful. As for the people who paid me hundreds of dollars for an hours work they would all be mentally ill too right? Simply label someone mentally ill for having beleifs that do not match yours? Lol. I suppose since there is no proof of God your being catholic would make you mentally ill for beliveing in a God that you cant see? Thats what an atheist could label you. Do not bother replying as I will not reply again to your mean arrogant attitude. Perhaps ask for forgivness for being so judgemental and rude.

  • Guest

    You don’t even know what it said, yet you’re so convinced it spoke about VII and apostasy. Why was Sister Lucia obedient to the popes? This is all based on insinuation and gossip by disobedient Catholics like Father Gruner and schismatic traditionalists. I’ve both been in and out of cirque du traditional and I know that many people there do not believe that the Church is indefectable:

    “The gift of indefectibility plainly does not guarantee each several part of the Church against heresy or apostasy. The promise is made to the corporate body. Individual Churches may become corrupt in morals, may fall into heresy, may even apostatize. Thus at the time of the Mohammedan conquests, whole populations renounced their faith; and the Church suffered similar losses in the sixteenth century. But the defection of isolated branches does not alter the character of the main stem. The society of Jesus Christ remains endowed with all the prerogatives bestowed on it by its Founder. Only to One particular Church is indefectibility assured, viz. to the See of Rome.”

    The Church of cirque du traditional doesn’t even need a teaching authority. They are the ones who decide that is and is not traditional based of private interpretation of Church writings. They can’t even submit to an ecumenical council if it disagrees with what they believe is Church Teaching. Even the magisterium must be wrong if it disagrees with what they believe. They’re like Protestants in some sense. Christ’s promises be damned, their conscience is higher in authority.

  • Fred Wolff

    So am I 🙂