On My Guilty Conscience

So, I read this clever gem on Sunday night, and it painted a nice little visual for me during the offertory yesterday at mass.  I highly recommend a read, as it’s a nice start to Holy Week.

After mass, I sat in on a class about the New Evangelization.  Self-reflection set in.  A mini form of depression followed, with the horrifying revelation of, “wow, maybe I’m not as awesome at this as I thought.”

“This” being evangelization.  There seem to be many right ways to go about it, that is, to bring the good news to others.  However, there are many wrong ways of going about it as well.  And while it’s easy to pretend that you have all of the answers and do it all right when you’re writing a blog, it is of course another thing entirely to actually live it out in your daily life.  In other words: You know that feeling you get during a homily at mass when the priest says something and you feel like he’s speaking directly to you?  And you can’t be sure, but – oh my gosh – he’s definitely looking right at you.  Basically the entire [three hour] class session I felt like that.  A healthy serving of humble pie, just in time for Holy Week 🙂

Sincerity of heart.  Loving those with whom we speak.  Not debating just to win.  Not letting pride get in the way of the pursuit of the Truth.  Having the courage to admit you were wrong and to say you’re sorry.

Yep, lots of stuff to continue to pray for this Holy Week.


In other news: I’m planning to write Thursday’s post about why you should participate in the Easter Triduum.  But incase you don’t see it in time, here’s a spoiler: You should definitely take part in the Triduum (mass on Holy Thursday evening, Good Friday service, and the Easter Vigil).  If nothing else, you should do everything you can to get to the Easter Vigil (especially if you’ve never been before).  Just trust me on this one.

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  • Wonderful sentiments Mary.  We must always walk the path between spending too much time patting ourselves on the back (and thus glorifying ourselves instead of God), and dismissing ourselves as completely worthless to do anything to further the Kingdom of God (and possibly fall into despair).  I also always suggest to my friends to attend the Easter Vigil.  I do let them know that it will be about 2-3 hours, but what a wonderful time it is.  Truly the highpoint of my year.  May you have a blessed Paschal Triduum and I look forward to reading your post on Holy Thursday.

    Pax Christi,


  • Suzslu

    My fiancé, Eric, is being baptized at the vigil this year so many if his non-catholic family will be in attendance. They are already rolling their eyes at the thot of a 3 hr service. Please pray that they will know God’s presence and at least ‘get it’ on some level? Thank you!