Obama’s Legacy of Death in Kenya

It was exactly 3 years ago to this month that the Kenyan Parliament, with the solid support of the Obama Administration, approved a draft of their new Constitution that was to overturn Kenya’s historic prohibition on abortions.

Although the draft contained language advocating the right to life for unborn children, it also had a section with a health exception that essentially opened the nation to unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy for any reason.

The United States government (led by the Obama Administration) poured in so many resources and so much time and effort to see this new Constitution passed, despite the clear and undeniable indications that the Kenyans were a Pro-Life people with polls showing at the time that 69% of the people were strongly against legalised abortion and only 9% were in support of it.  But with the overwhelming “persuasion” from the likes of  Michael Ranneberger–the US Ambassador to Kenya–the Constitution was passed and Kenya became one of the few African nations to compromise the right to life of their unborn, all in the name of “development”.
3 years ago LifeNews.com wrote a moving piece on the very active role of the United States leadership in passing the new Kenyan Constitution that opened the door to abortion.
And so we ask at this point, exactly what has happened in this beautiful nation that was a pro-life territory up until 3 years ago? How has the Obama-supported Kenyan Constitution affected the Kenyans? How has it brought development to the nation? How has it affected women, men and children (born and unborn)?
Well, for one, Marie Stopes International (world-wide abortion provider) has spread its tentacles to almost all corners of the country. And they are providing abortion on demand as they know exactly how to manoeuvre the new Constitution with ease as can be seen by this unbelievably heartbreaking pro-abortion article addressed to young Kenyans .
And so many unborn Kenyan babies have been and are still being killed in the womb. And many Kenyan women are getting into a pattern of “serial abortions“. And lives and families are being destroyed.
We are only 3 years into this wasteland territory and already so much death, blood, hurt, harm, and scars in the land.This cannot be a way forward for any African nation because the path to authentic development cannot and should not be paved in the blood of the innocent.
We hope that other African nations will learn from this case to protect the life of African babies in the womb and  never open their doors to Abortion. Never!

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Obianuju Ekeocha is originally from Nigeria, but has for the past six years has been living and working in the United Kingdom as a biomedical scientist. Her work, including the recent "An Open Letter to Melinda Gates," has been published in The Catholic Herald UK and other Catholic news outlets. Obianuju is also part of Culture of Life Africa, an initiative dedicated to the promotion and propagation of the Gospel of Life in Africa through the dissemination of good information, sensitisation and education.

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