Obama Wants Us to Pay for Abortion-Causing Devices, Too!

ObamaObamacare’s so-called “contraceptive mandate” has been much in the news. But much of what the administration calls “contraception” is actually abortion.

Take the copper IUD, for example. It is advertised as a contraceptive device, but even the New York Times, in a front page story about Plan B, admits that it causes early-term abortions. How? By preventing the implantation of a developing embryo in the uterus.

As the flagship paper of the liberal media writes, “[R]esearch suggests that the only other officially approved form of emergency contraception, the copper intrauterine device (also a daily birth control method), can work to prevent pregnancy after an egg has been fertilized.”

What we are talking about here is what is known as “heavy metal poisoning.”  The copper ions released by the IUD create a microenvironment hostile to living organisms, including tiny human beings. This is why, to adduce a crude example, fence posts used on modern-day farms are pressure-treated with copper-arsenic. This deadly chemical cocktail kills all the organisms, from bacteria to termites, that attempt to eat into the posts.

Read for yourselves what a handbook called Managing Contraception for Your Pocket has to say:  “The Copper IUD may be inserted up to the time of implantation—about 5 days after ovulation—to prevent pregnancy. Thus, if a woman had unprotected sexual intercourse 3 days before ovulation occurred in that cycle, the IUD could be inserted up to 8 days after intercourse to prevent pregnancy.”

Note that the authors are clearly all fervent advocates for a full range of anti-pregnancy drugs and devices. When they assert that the copper IUD can be inserted even at the time of implantation and still terminate a pregnancy, they can be taken at their word.

What this means is that our argument against the “contraceptive mandate” can be strengthened and expanded. The mandate will not only force Catholic employers to pay for abortion-causing drugs like Plan B (the Morning After Pill), it will force them to pay for abortion-causing devices as well. We are not just objecting to drugs that prevent implantation, we are objecting to drugs and devices.

Obamacare actually goes even further. It reaches beyond drugs and devices that prevent implantation to those like the drug, Ella, that cause the death of an already implanted baby. There is strong evidence that Ella, a close analogue to RU-486, can cause an early abortion both before and after implantation.

Our goal is to overturn the Obamacare mandate and, ultimately, to eliminate all taxpayer-funded birth control. Where better to start than with drugs and devices that have been scientifically proven to cause abortions?

By the family planning movement’s own admission, the copper IUD causes an abortion. No alibi will change that fact.


Steven Mosher is the president of Population Research Institute and an acclaimed author and speaker. Elizabeth Crnkovich is the Media Coordinator for PRI and a graduate of Christendom College.

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