Nun Who Exposed Human Organ Trafficking Network Dead

NAMPULA, Mozambique — A Brazilian nun responsible for exposing a human organ trafficking ring in Mozambique has been murdered. Doraci Edinger, a Sister of the Servants of Mary Immaculate, was found strangled and beaten in her home in the northern city of Nampula last Friday.

The traffickers are said to harvest sex organs from children to be sold as charms for the practice of witchcraft in ceremonies said to increase wealth or sexual vigour.

Authorities Tuesday claimed they had found no evidence of the human organ trade; the sisters, on the other hand, said they have spoken to victims who had escaped, and have photos of dead children with their organs missing.

Jose Tembe of the BBC said that many people in the capital, Maputo, believe such a trafficking trade exists, and are angry that authorities have done nothing to stop it. “Several countries are involved in this iniquitous game and the victims are the poor, those who have no voice or defense, or the strength to defend themselves; we are convinced that Nampula is part of an international ring,” order spokeswoman Sister Juliana told Portuguese radio earlier this month in a report by the BBC.

Sister Juliana said that organs were being smuggled into the neighboring countries of South Africa and Zimbabwe, and that there were Mozambican, South African, Brazilian and Portuguese nationals involved in the ring. Sister Juliana also reported that there had been a number of attempts to abduct children from an orphanage they operate in Nampula.

A report last month revealed that nuns had received death threats for uncovering the network and report that they had already themselves escaped four ambush attempts. The nuns were able to gather in the information because the operation was carried out from a property next to their own convent to which some of the child victims fled. The nuns observed the trade where victims are killed and their organs flown out of the country by night. Read the full report at:

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