NBC Draws Fire for Book of Daniel

A pro-family media researcher is blasting NBC for plans to air a controversial series featuring a troubled Episcopal priest and other dysfunctional characters.

The network will air The Book of Daniel on Friday evenings, starting in early January. According to published reports, the weekly show centers around an Episcopal priest named Daniel Webster who talks with a manifestation of Jesus. In addition, the Webster family reportedly includes a 23-year-old homosexual, Republican son; a 16-year-old daughter who is a drug dealer; and an adopted son involved in an improper relationship with the bishop's daughter.

Ed Vitagliano is director of research for the American Family Association. He says the program mocks Christianity.

“While we certainly recognize that Christians do have problems, and they have problems in their families, it seems that Hollywood consistently wants to focus on those types of Christians and those types of ministers &#0151 when the reality is that many, many more are hard-working,” Vitagliano says. “They work hard to have good family lives &#0151 just like a lot of people do &#0151 and are faithful to scripture.”


According to the AFA spokesman, advertisers who underwrite the program will be monitored &#0151 and that information will be distributed far and wide.

“We will be reviewing this, and we will be letting AFA supporters know exactly what is on this program,” he says. “And [we will be] holding advertisers accountable for what appears to be yet one more show that's going to dog the Christian faith.”

AFA is calling on TV viewers to send a letter through its website asking NBC affiliates to refuse to air the show. Dr. Don Wildmon, AFA chairman and founder, contends the network's decision to air the series “reflects the anti-Christian bias which exists at the highest levels of the network.”

(This article courtesy of Agape Press.)

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