Homily of the Day

Monday of the First Week of Advent

Faith is the center and source of all religious life. We respond with faith to the plan of God that He initiates, unfolds and works out in time. He will bring to perfection all the events of our history. Our faith should be unwavering, founded in a security and confidence that guarantees that God will provide. The father of our faith is Abraham and rightly so, because Abraham believed against all odds. He knew our God was the God of the impossible. He was sure that God would provide even when humanly speaking, it seemed ridiculous.

The centurion was so sure of the power of Jesus that he never doubted the abilities of Christ. He knew all authority rested in Christ. We would do well to learn from the centurion to have this same confidence, this same faith. Faith is a gift from God and we receive this gift during our baptism. But this faith needs to grow, so let us water, develop, nurture and make mature this faith of ours so it may grow and bear abundant fruits.