Mere Secularity

On the heels of our most recent election I was fortunate to listen to an address on the importance of not reducing the Church to a mere organization in the face of political or other challenges.

As one who gets fully engaged in political activities and issues, I found myself strangely content, if that is the word, with this important remembrance. It was wonderfully and powerfully brought to mind this past Sunday by my pastor at the glorious Christ the King solemnity.  What wonderful timing in that the political timetable (November elections) are conquered by the Solemnity of Christ the King. What a blessed benefit for Catholics living the liturgical calendar. His great Kingship trumping all earthly sociopolitical results. While I have never confused His rule with that of mere secular power, it seemed particularly refreshing this year. To be a true subject to no publicly voted ruler, no pandering bureaucracy, but rather the Divine King.

It is indeed reassuring to be a citizen His Kingdom regardless of the challenges we face.  Admittedly, persecution to whatever degree makes for better history than current reality-for none of us would trade places with our persecuted ancestors. But we have been called to live in this time and place. His grace is graciously poured out to and through His holy, Catholic church. Not reduced to some sort of merely secular political or economic organization but rather the very incarnational reality of His ongoing presence and love is the real gift we have received.



Dan is the Executive Director of the National Fellowship of Catholic Men and a co-founder of the Catholic Business Network. He has appeared on numerous Catholic media including EWTN television as well as Vatican, Relevant and EWTN radio programs. Dan serves on both the Kansas City Kansas Archdiocesan Advisory Board on Evangelism and Anti-Pornography initiatives. He is a frequent speaker and consultant on Sexual Integrity diocesan programs. Dan spent over 20 years as a senior advertising and marketing executive in national media firms followed more recently by 10 years as a “new media” entrepreneur, investor and consultant. His clients ranged from the NFL to the California Chamber of Commerce to the Rolling Stones. Currently he and his wife own a business in Kansas City while he speaks both nationally and internationally. He and his wife of 37 years, Linda, have four grown children and three grandchildren-all living in the Kansas City area.

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