Love Dare Day 40 (Final): Love is a Covenant

[Editor’s note: The author explains her family’s Lenten commitment to take the Love Dare here . Regular updates were posted all through Lent. Click here to catch up on previous posts.]

Write a vow to your family.

“Where you go, I will go, and where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God” (Ruth 1:16).

God’s timing is perfect, my husband and I used these words in our wedding vows many years ago. Today is Easter Sunday. We decided to complete the dare today (we waited a few days to do so), because we thought it would be a wonderful way to celebrate the new life the dare has given our family. What better day to do that then the day Christ gave us new life in Him.


I am planning to make a collage of our promises and hang them where we can see them everyday. I’d like to share some of them:

*I promise to help anyone in my family when they need it.

* My promise is to work on my problems to change into a better person.

* I’ll be there when you need me and not refuse you.

* I promise to have a more positive attitude and to love all of you daily.

* I promise to love you and help you carry your crosses.

* I promise to love and care about our family always.

This is not all we wrote, but you get the general idea. It’s been an interesting journey, but we look forward to the future with renewed hope and increased love for one another.

Dearest Lord, Thank you for bringing the dare into our lives at this point. We have come so far and we have so much further to go. Please remain with us on this journey and don’t let it stop today. We love you more than we did forty days ago and not as much as we will forty days from now. Thank You, Lord. Thank you.

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