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Liberal Arts, Juggling, & Rugby: An Interview with Sean Fitzpatrick

Today on the Catholic Exchange Podcast, editor Michael J. Lichens sits down with Sean Fitzpatrick who, in addition to his great articles on CE, is also the Headmaster of Gregory the Great Academy in Scranton, PA. We discuss what teen boys can accomplish when freed from technology and how activities like juggling and rugby help to form the whole person in a liberal arts education grounded in the faith. In all, Sean shows us how education is a grand adventure of the soul.



Sean Fitzpatrick’s articles can be found on Catholic Exchange as well as Crisis Magazine.

Gregory the Great Academy is still accepting applications on their webpage.

The GK Chesterton essay mentioned in this podcast.

“The whole point of education is that it should give a man abstract and eternal standards, by which he can judge material and fugitive conditions.”
-GK Chesterton, All is Grist


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