Lesbian Couple Sue IVF Doctor for Cost of Raising Twin

A lesbian couple in Australia have taken the first "wrongful birth" lawsuit in Australian legislative history to court. The two women, who have three year old twin daughters, are suing Canberra obstetrician, Robert Armellin, for "wrongful birth" after he supervised the implantation of two embryos instead of one into the birth mother during the in vitro fertilization procedure.

The women, who cannot be named because of a court order, are suing the doctor for almost $400,000 (USD) which they contest will be the cost of raising the mistakenly implanted second child. The sum includes funds for private school, medical expenses and lost wages for the women.

According to the Australian newspaper, the PerthNow, the mother claimed that certain aspects of pregnancy were extremely stressful to her — for instance, buying a stroller — due to the fact that she was carrying twins. "It was like the last frontier of acceptance to spend hundreds of dollars on a pram." The mother also lamented that she suffered nausea during the pregnancy.

The mother's partner claimed in court that the couple became so overwhelmed with every day childcare issues that they lost their ability to function as a couple.

Under questioning from Armellin's lawyer, the mother admitted that the couple initially thought of keeping one of the children and putting the other up for adoption but decided that to do so would be unfair to both children. "The primary consideration was that adoption shifted the burden of responsibility for this situation onto the children. The burden is not the children's to bear. The burden is ours alone."

The obstetrician has, from the very beginning of the lawsuit, acknowledged that a mistake was made in implanting two embryos though sources differ as to whether the mother changed her mind at the very last moment before the surgery making the confusion more probable.

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  • Guest

    I read about this the other day. This is exactly why IVF should be abolished. It opens up a whole pandora's box of evil.

  • Guest

    How insane — suing because you suffered from nausea? If they win this case, will there be reparations to the women in the past who suffered from nausea? It can only get more and more ridiculous. Personally, I think it's more unfair to the children to have no father! Evil is hard at work in our world. Peace,

  • Guest

    Um, welcome to parenthood? Maybe it's because it's early in the morning and I'm still feeling grumpy about being awake, but, at this moment, if I were the judge, I would see this lawsuit as all the evidence I needed to determine these women are unfit parents. They didn't want a family, they wanted an accessory, on their terms.

  • Guest

    They chose to keep both children. Let them take responsibility for their actions like the fact that children are to be loved unconditionally and cared for. What would have happened if the child was retarded? Would they be suing the doctor for that also. Or would they have given the children up because they werent perfect. Seems to me they should thank God for two healthy children.

  • Guest

    Bummer on so many fronts.  Major bummer!

    We humans are so jaded without our lover Jesus Christ.  We continually amaze me.  Take away all the nasty words out of the headline and all you have is "Couple for of Twin."

    GK – God is good!

  • Guest

    The doctor should be sued for not having the common sense he was born with in dealing with those two. Poor twin "hardships" what does God have planned for them in this twisted situation?