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Learning to Love the Rosary with Fr. Edward Looney

Many of us are very familiar with the rosary but, for some of us, it can be a hard practice to add to our daily lives. It requires silence, concentration, and just a bit of patience with yourself. For some of us, our mind can’t help but to wander and it can be a difficult practice to adopt, at first. As we use these last days of Lent to deepen our prayer life, how might we try to incorporate the rosary into our daily lives?

Fr. Edward Looney, a Catholic Exchange contributor, priest, and author of A Rosary Litany offers some insights into how we can use litanies to enrich our experience of this sacred prayer and add a richness to our spiritual life that we never knew was possible. Fr. Looney is an enthusiastic teacher of Marian devotions and he shares some great practical steps we can use right now to begin developing a rich spiritual life with the aid of the rosary.

Fr Edward Looney

Fr Edward Looney


Fr. Edward Looney was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Green bay, Wisconsin on June 6, 2015. A member of the Mariological Society of America, Fr. Looney publishes regularly on Marian topics, including the approved 1859 Wisconsin apparition. You can find Fr. Edward Looney at his personal website, where you can learn more about his books. To explore and purchase his latest book, A Rosary Litanycheck out ARosaryLitany.com.

You can read Fr. Edward’s articles here on Catholic Exchange.

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