Leader of Brazil’s Homosexual Movement Admits Existence of Ex-Gays

Luiz Mott, the undisputed leader of Brazil’s homosexual movement, has admitted on national television that no one is born homosexual, and that people can change their sexual orientations.

In a recent appearance on the highly popular late night talk show “Programa do Jô” aired on Brazil’s Globo network, Mott told the host that he is a “former heterosexual.”

“I am an ex-heterosexual in the same way that there are ex-gays, people that were not 100% homosexual,” said Mott.  “They had some experiences, did not like them and then joined the other side.”

Although Mott attributed change to people who were “not 100% homosexual,” he made it clear to host Jô Soares that he believes that “all human beings have, as Freud said it, a bisexual desire,” and that sexual preference is something fluid and changeable.

“Fortunately human sexuality is cultural and constructed and can change. I think I am not going to change anymore because I am very much accustomed and happy,” he told Soares.

“Usually I say, we need you heterosexuals, we love you so that you may reproduce children to become homosexuals…new gays and new lesbians,” added Mott during the interview, which was broadcast on April 24.

As LifeSiteNews has noted in past articles Mott is also known for his open sexual attraction to adolescents, and regards restrictions on sex with minors to be based on “prejudice.”

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