It’s Real, It’s Legal, and It’s Happening: Infanticide in America


Americans are bi-polar when it comes to abortion.

On the one hand, 74% of the states in America have laws defending the unborn, at some stage of gestation, against acts of violence. These states declare it an act of homicide if the child is killed. Twenty-one of these states consider a nonfatal attack on the unborn a criminal offense. Fully half of the states also have passed Born Alive Infant Protection Acts, requiring that physicians treat an infant that is born alive at any stage of development.

These are but a few of the many laws that protect the unborn and treat them as human beings with “inalienable rights.”  That is, if they are wanted.

If they are not wanted, they can be killed by lethal injection, dismembered in utero, or put to death after birth. If they are not wanted, abortion at any point in pregnancy is considered an acceptable means of “terminating a pregnancy.”

What could be more schizophrenic than deciding someone’s worth solely on the basis of subjective opinion? If the child is killed when the mother intended to keep it, it is considered homicide. If the child is killed when the mother does not intend to keep it, the abortionist in question can use the most brutal means imaginable, and no one (except us pro-lifers) bats an eye.

Even when the child is born alive after a failed abortion, this murderous sentiment does not change. The child was not meant to live, why help it survive? What is wrong with killing it outside the womb if it was supposed to die in-utero? Even the passage of Born Alive Infant Protection Acts do not always protect babies in this precarious circumstance. Infanticide is common.

slaughter 2How common? Consider the recent examples that have been brought to light in the abortion industry, first in the Gosnell trial, then in the undercover videos from Live Action. Gosnell saw no problem in snipping the spines of the survivors of his late-term abortions. He is being charged with murder in these cases, but he obviously sees no difference between tearing the child apart in the womb, or beheading it a few minutes later after it is born.

In the first of Live Action’s undercover videos, one of the clinic workers very nonchalantly speaks of putting a baby in a toxic solution to ensure its death. The abortionist in the other video reassures the patient that he would not help the child live if it were born alive, comparing the baby to a terminally ill patient in a hospital who is “going to die anyways.”

Those interviewed assure the woman that 911 will not be called if the baby is born alive, and that it assuredly will not be taken to the hospital. Why? Because, as they revealingly say, the hospital is required to try and save the child’s life. The implication is that “We here at the abortion clinic will make sure the child dies.”

The legalization of abortion in America has thus become the legalization of infanticide.

If we want to stop the Gosnells of the world from murdering innocents, we must protect life from conception. Life in the womb is either protected or it is not. There is no middle ground. And if it is not protected, we will continue to have infanticide in America.


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Elizabeth Crnkovich is the Media Coordinator for the Population Research Institute and a graduate of Christendom College.

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