Is Hedonism America’s New Religion?

No, I’m not exaggerating. The American experiment in religious liberty is officially over. The First Amendment provided institutional structures that allow different religions to peacefully coexist. All groups agree to not try to capture governmental structures for the benefit of their own particular denomination.

But the Obama administration has ended that truce.  The administration made a decision to require all employers to provide contraception, abortion-inducing drugs and sterilization.  The administration offers no religious exemption for people who have the audacity to believe that pregnancy is not an illness that needs to be always and everywhere prevented.

In effect, we have a new state religion, a new Established Church of the United States of America, with Barack Obama as its head. It is the religion of Secular Hedonism, the worldview that sex is a sterile recreational activity, with babies thrown in as an afterthought, an optional extra, for people with quirky life-style preferences.  The contraceptive mandate uses the full might of the US government to scrub the public square clean of any competing religious voices that dissent from the new orthodoxy.

But because this worldview is fundamentally irrational, it cannot stand on its own two feet. Some sexual activity does result in babies.  Not everyone wants their government acting as if the highest goal is that pleasure is to be sought.  Not everyone believes that the purpose of the government is to allow people to indulge themselves sexually, without a live baby ever resulting.

The Catholic Church for instance, famously opposes every precept of Secular Hedonism.  As a matter of fact, so did all of the Christian churches, right up until five minutes ago. The ancient Christian teaching is that marriage is the proper context for sexual activity and for child-bearing, for the good of children, women, and men alike, as well as society as a whole.

The government believes that this dissenting voice cannot be tolerated. It must be crushed. And, of course, from their point of view, they are perfectly correct. They have an established religion that says that every sexual act is intrinsically meaningless except for the meaning we might happen to assign it. They simply can’t allow someone to go around saying that each and every sexual act is sacred, and endowed by our Creator with inalienable significance.  From the point of view of Secular Hedonism, Catholicism must be crushed.

And of course, anyone else who dissents from the new orthodoxy must be crushed as well. That is why so many other faith traditions have joined in criticizing the Obama administration’s usurpation of power from civil society. The National Association of Evangelicals, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Orthodox Christians and Orthodox Jews have all criticized the administration’s attack on religious liberty. These religious bodies know that their religious liberties are at stake as well.

The religious truce is officially over. The Established Church of Secular Hedonism has declared war on the rest of us, enlisting the might of the United States government on their side. We will respond using nothing but peaceful means.

We used to refrain from making religious arguments in the public square. We thought it was our duty. We thought it was good strategy.  The Ruth Institute has specialized in defending the ancient Christian teachings, using non-religious arguments.  This no longer makes sense. The arguments are still good arguments.  But there is no longer any reason to hold back from proclaiming our faith. Our position deserves respect, not simply because it is our “deeply held religious belief”.  Our position deserves respect because it is grounded in reason and evidence, and in a far deeper understanding of the human person, and the human good.  The ancient Christian teachings on marriage, family and human sexuality are superior to the teachings of the Established Church of Secular Hedonism.

If we don’t respond firmly, the Obama Administration will assume they can get away with ending religious liberty. This website, will become a clearing house of info about the insurance mandate. Go sign their petition.

Jennifer Morse


Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D. is the Founding President of the Ruth Institute, an educational organization promoting lifelong married love to college students and young adults. She thanks Mr. Austin Muck, her 2011 Blackstone Legal Fellowship intern, for his assistance with the legal research on "In re M.C."

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  • Pargontwin

    Am I the only one that finds that campaign picture of Obama* just a little creepy?

    (*The one with the red, white, and blue “O” behind his head like a halo)

  • timesoftrouble

    I don’t prefer to offer a negative comment but petions just won’t make any difference. This is a dictatorial regime who will impose their intelligentsia on those they believe are less intelligent than themselves no matter how many people sign a paper in protest. They themselves are their own gods who believe they are the authors of truth and will demand obedience to their dictates. …and this administration will have no qualms about punishing those who do not comply, with incarceration…just wait and see. So if America does not wake up out of its stupor and fight back vigorously, then goodbye democracy. “Waking up” will require true conversion to God’s truth…. so let us pray for a revival of the true faith by an outpouring of the Holy Spirit by the mercy of God, because right now spiritual blindness is the deadly disease afflicting many who are heading toward the abyss. These are the ones who do not recognize this regime as a serious threat to freedom of faith because they see no contradiction between their own behavior and the secular moral tenets. ( I dare to say)..these are the majority who label themselves Catholic that do not heed the warning of Christ when he said that not everyone who claims the name of the Lord will be allowed into heaven. They will say they did this and that in His name but God will say “I do not know you, depart from me you who practice lawlessness.” (Matt 7:21-23)

  • Clement_W

    This day had been a long time coming, more than a 150 years in our histpry in fact. It is not an accident that it came just after Christmas and just before Ash Wednesday!

  • Michael Rizzio

    Hedonism surely is the critical central point in the battle for minds, hearts and souls.  It always has been (e.g., Garden of Eden, Calvary). The world delivers the message that pleasure is the greatest good and that pain/suffering is the greatest evil. The Church maintains the exact opposite stand.  We have the ultimate choice…which do we believe?

    In a global sense five aspects seem to be in play:  Autonomy, Dualism, Hedonism, Compassion, and Utility.

    Each word has a corrupt definition of and by the world and an alternate universal and true definition from Holy Mother Church.  If a person/family/nation gets any one of the five wrong, they are vulnerable to the lies and deceit of Satan that seeks nothing less than their eternal souls.

    There is no time to lose.  We have to create a Citadel around our hearts and man the watchtowers for the duration.

    I have taught these five points to my kids using five fingers and a battle drill approach…it is memorable and the kids get it.  The question remains—Can adults?  Send an email ( if you desire more info on how to deliver this critical message.  
    I have a few blog entries that speak to this:

     God bless you!

  • PAA

    Birth Control is also used for other medical reasons you nit wit

  • atm

    birh control is chemical poison for womans womb ,studies r coming out, lots of side effects , polluting water. drug companies do not want u  know.  nit wit.

  • Bryan Holt

     Yeah, in about .0001% of the cases, I’m sure that’s true.  Do some research on the true effects of this scourge of our once-great nation.

  • Mouse


    It used to seem to some as if Obama were simply a sincere but way off track individual. I now think that he is only part of an orchestrated attempt to destroy religious freedom and religion in this country, for the sake of the sexual liberationist movement, which can never obtain the world domination it seeks unless people with religious morals (or any morals for that matter) get out of the way. His double-dealing and outright dishonesty have removed the possibility of considering him to be sincere.

  • Mouse

    PS – These nuts (Planned Parenthood and gang – who run the White House far as I can tell) actually think that the key to happiness is unfettered sexual expression. They don’t seem to realize the civilization itself is founded on self-control, and without that, we descend back to the level of beasts. Which is what we see all around us, is it not?

  • Mrgrt

    re: timesoftrouble: Petitions do build up the troops morale at least, and it does have an effect on those who receive them. The response of the people to bills we object to have influenced congressmen. This is because there have been changes after many people have contacted them. We just can’t quit no matter how sick and tired we get dealing with them..
    The executive branch isn’t the only one with power, thank God. And this attempted new state religion hasn’t really gotten off the ground. Personally I don’t think it’s got the fuel and may well crash and burn. After all they aren’t in control. Every man woman and child of the faith of our fathers must get down on their knees and pray every day for God’s mercy on our nation. God answers the prayers of the faithful. Don’t look at the waves, look to God who loves us; and he loves those poor misguided adversaries of ours who should be told the truth by petitions, and every way we can. “God bless America,” Pope Benedict said when he was here. His words, a sharp contrast to Obama’s religious leader who’s words came out as an angry command asking for our demise, an end to our nation.  If our own good Pope is with us, if God is with us, who can be against us? I’m keeping that in mind as I work in the vineyard. Keep working.

  • Editor

    Very well put! Thank you, Father, and Happy Easter to all.