How Your Tax Dollars Support Population Control

You probably didn’t know it, but some of the money extracted from your paycheck by the IRS winds up in China, where it is used to fund that country’s population control programs.  Here’s how it works:

The United States gives money to the UNFPA. Last year this largess came to $30,200,000.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), in turn, gives money to China. Last year some $4,861,000 went to China for so-called “population dynamics programs,” “family planning,” and other population control programs.

The United States also funds population control directly through USAID. This year, “family planning and reproductive health” ranked third in USAID’s Global Health funding requests. Of course, if you took into account the way that the No. 1 funding request, Maternal and Child Health, works to to “leverage investments in other health programs, particularly family planning and reproductive health”, population control would rank first.

Let’s look at the numbers. The Global Health Program requested the following allocation of funds:

  • $680 million for Maternal and Child Health.
  • $670 million for Malaria (Check out our video on Malaria funding here.)
  • $534 million for Family Planning and Reproductive Health
  • $95 million for Nutrition
  • $23 million for Vulnerable Children

As Vice President Joe Biden says, “Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.” What USAID values above all is population control.

Your (Hidden) Contribution

According to a recent report by the Guttmacher Institute, it costs $15.80 for the supplies and labor necessary to perform a sterilization which lasts 10 years. They therefore calculated that their average annual cost to provide one year of “modern contraceptive services” by sterilization is $1.58 per year. They measure their work  by “annual direct costs of modern contraceptive services.”

From this, we can calculate how much you contributed to the UNFPA and USAID family planning based on your overall tax bill, and how many years and months of sterilization you paid for in consequence.

Table 1 shows how it breaks down.

Table 1: Sterilization and Taxes

Amount you paid in federal income tax in 2012

Length of time a woman in the developing world was sterilized


2.5  months


5 months


8 months


1 year


2 years


4 years and 3 months


6 years and 6 months

Not all money which goes into US family planning budgets goes directly to sterilizations, of course. Some goes to overhead, some goes to salaries, some goes to condoms, and so forth. But there is no denying that some of your tax dollars go to sterilization programs, including some which are not voluntary.

We do not want to be forced to pay for chemical or surgical sterilizations. We do not want our money to be sent to programs which blatantly violate the human rights of women. And no one, wherever they stand on the issue of abortion, wants to pay for young women in China to be dragged through the streets into abortion clinics.

The only people who agree with these spending priorities are those who are determined to contracept and sterilize as much of the world’s population as they can — regardless of the cost.


This article was originally published at Population Research Institute.

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Steven Mosher is the president of and an acclaimed author and speaker. Anne Morse is a contributing writer to population Research Institute.

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  • Jacqueleen

    Mosher and Morse thank you for this enlightenment. Please inform Pope Francis so that when he speaks to the president of the UN again and asks him to shrink the gap between the rich and the poor. (No Middle Class) He might suggest since he is the Papal leader of the Catholic Church, that no monies from Catholics be spent on Population Control methods of any kind!!!!!!

    Since the world has become politically correct, I am letting the world know that I, as a Catholic, am offended by this policy of using my money to fund population control around the world. Food, yes! Medicine, yes! DEATH, NO!

    When the Muslims are offended, all h_ll breaks loose and changes are made not to offend the Muslims. Well, I want to see what changes will be made because billions of Catholics around the world are offended by this mandate without our knowledge or consent. ONE VERY OFFENDED CATHOLIC OF WHICH BILLIONS AGREE!

  • Clara Schoppe

    [As Vice President Joe Biden says, “Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.” That goes for our family budgets as well.

    Look up to see how your donation can save women and their babies targeted for forced abortion in China and India. I recommend having at least $25 per month automatically deducted from your checking account (automatic, so you don’t decide to skip it when something comes up) to go to this organization, which uses the money to help these women (and their families) hide from the authorities and raise the babies their governments (and ours) want murdered. I have written my congressmen repeatedly about this issue. They don’t care. I can’t stop them from taking money away from me to give to murderers, but I CAN, and I DO, make sure a LARGER amount is coming out of my checking account to protect women and their families than the amount that’s taken from me to hurt
    them. Don’t forget to sign the petition that’s in this site, as well.

  • TreeOfLifeSword

    The NAZIs would blush at the body count the United States is responsible for via abortion and contraception. And we are morphing into them more EVERY DAY with the lawless, abortion ‘president’ at the helm. May God help us…

  • TreeOfLifeSword

    Until PUBLIC EXCOMMUNICATIONS of the Catholics in power who forward such agendas takes place, I fear we are nothing more than voices crying in the wilderness. But make no mistake, GOD will purify the earth of such evils…and I’m betting He’ll be doing that soon.

  • Jacqueleen

    The likes of Nancy Pelosi, Biden, Sebellius, Carole Keehan, etc. have ex-communicated themselves. A public ex-communication is required because the message they are sending to the Catholics around the world has been made in public. Satan’s followers will not abide by the Canonical Law besides these rebels contribute huge amounts to get their way.

    Chastisement is on the way because this Nation is not turning away from sin. If I were Pelosi & gang or Obama and his backers, I would be shaking in my boots because there is no wrath like the wrath of God. The idea that Our Lord is merciful & forgiving and He would never harm his creation is a big lie. Yes, God is merciful and forgiving if we ask Him for mercy and forgiveness. However, if we die rejecting Him and full of mortal sin, we will feel the wrath of Hell. Meanwhile, the forthcoming Chastisement will be like no other in history. Our Lord has been warning the entire world through Our Lady’s messages, visionaries prophetic messages, signs such as, severe weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, fires,etc. Satan is using people to convince the flock that these signs are simply global warming, but, be not deceived. God is always in control and sends us a warning before handing us punishment and Satan’s followers will find that out shortly…REPENT, BE READY AND PRAY FOR YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS, FOR THE CHURCH AND FOR OUR COUNTRY. Prayer can lessen and shorten the Chastisement. God promises to protect those who know Him and call out His Name…Ps. 91.