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How St. Joseph is Patron of a Happy & Holy Death | Fr. Edward Looney & Jeannie Ewing

How St. Joseph is a Patron of a Happy & Holy Death | Fr. Edward Looney & Jeannie Ewing

Longtime Catholic Exchange contributors and frequent podcast guests Fr. Edward Looney and Jeannie Ewing discuss Mrs Ewing’s much read article, “St. Joseph: Our Patron Saint of a Happy & Holy Death.” In this conversation, Jeannie discusses ways that St. Joseph’s example and support can help us to become better people in our faith, familial, and personal lives. Meanwhile, Fr. Edward gives his insights into the power of the saints in his life as a parish priest.

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Other subjects we discussed:

  • How St. Joseph can help you through the trials of grief and mourning.
  • The humility we can learn from St. Joseph and how that will ultimately allow God to take control.
  • The power of saintly intercession in helping you to grow in your struggles while conquering personal vices.
  • What St. Joseph’s radical trust and obedience can show us in our modern day.
  • How St. Joseph’s intercession can help us with our interior struggles.

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