Another Word on “Her Ladyship”

crownAnyone that knows me knows that I am not big on labels or titles. I often cut out the labels in my clothes because they irritate my skin. I do not insist on my daughter’s friends referring to me as “Ms. Pereira” and do not consider it a sign of disrespect if my nephews or nieces call me Marisa because they hear others refer to me by that name. Respect after all, is not really affiliated with a name or a title.

This lack of respect for a title allows me the freedom to treat EVERYONE with respect and courtesy whether they are “president” or “pauper.”  So rest assured that “Her Ladyship” does not refer to me! I do believe, however, that “ladyship” is a “goal” we can aspire toward – we are all, after all, works in progress.

My hope is that this forum will aid us in our journey as we evaluate, discuss and debate the everyday cultural and spiritual influences on our dress, decorum and dialogue.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions on topics that help us stretch and grow toward being all that we can be. I hope that we get the perspective of some shining “knights” as well – or those who aspire to “knighthood”!

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Marisa Pereira is a mother, fashion designer, currently runs a Design and Image Consulting business in Atlanta, GA, is a freelance writer and volunteers at her church and in the community. She holds a BA in Fashion Design and a BA in French with a minor in Psychology and has worked in the Fashion Industry for over twenty years. Frustrated at her inability to find appropriate church clothes for her 14 year old daughter, she heeded God’s call, and created the stylish but modest, Michaela-Noel clothing collection, now available on-line. Having lived in multiple countries, she is acutely aware of the emphasis cultures place on visual appeal. She analyzes the importance of presenting the best image of ourselves and passionately insists that it starts within. She regularly addresses adult and youth audiences – encouraging and teaching them to make a memorable first impact but more importantly - to create a lasting impression. Her websites are: and

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