Handsome Is as Handsome Does: Bella Star Eduardo Verastegui Decries Obama and Saves Babies

In Los Angeles, on Saturday, September 27, the Mexican superstar of Latin America, Eduardo Verastegui and several of his friends joined the 40 Days for Life prayer campaign outside Family Planning Associates, an abortion business at 601 S. Westmoreland Avenue. He went there for two reasons: to help mothers and their unborn children, and to warn people about the number-one abortion celebrity, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL). Verastegui is cofounder of L.A.-based Metanoia Films and lead actor in the company’s first feature film Bella, which premiered in American movie theaters last October.

Until November 2, citizens of 179 cities in 47 of the United States and the District of Columbia are enrolled in 40 Days for Life, peacefully praying outside abortion locations to end the holocaust. In the Canadian cities of Ottawa and Halifax, pro-lifers are publicly praying as well.

Armed with a rosary, Miraculous Medals and DVD copies of his latest production, Dura Realidad, which means Hard Truth, Verastegui and his friends approached seven women as they stood in line to enter the aforementioned abortion office.

John Anthony Hernandez, coordinator of 40 Days for Life Los Angeles, witnessed Verastegui’s talent and skill. He said, “The words just seemed to flow from Eduardo and his companions who showed them the pro-life film, Dura Realidad, and directed the mothers to the LAPS [Los Angeles Pregnancy Services] center for help. He also handed everyone a Miraculous Medal and told them the beautiful story behind the medal and God’s great love for us.”

bellastar.jpgVerastegui told the women that he did not judge them. He said he knew they were suffering and he cared about them, but they were not alone. Verastegui warned that abortion causes sterility, and breast and uterine cancers. He said, “Now you’re making that decision, so let me just share with you what they don’t share with you inside. For example, I was at an abortion clinic that in the last three years more than 12 women — young ladies — have died. They don’t tell you that.”

Verastegui explained, “I was counting all the women lined up for an abortion. It was all Latinas and African Americans. And I said all I want to do here is to share with you a video on the hard truth about what is going on inside [that place]. And ya know what? By the grace of God, four babies were saved this morning.” All of the women wept while watching his video, but he doesn’t know what three of them decided.

At http://www.durarealidad.com/, Verastegui appeals to his people in Spanish. He inquires, “Did you know that minority children are being aborted at more than double the rate of white children?” He tells why abortionists target Hispanics. Then, introducing the segment showing abortion victims, Verastegui says, “Perhaps you question whether it is necessary to show a video like this, and my answer is the same that they give in schools about showing movies of the Nazi holocaust… [Teachers] show them because the Nazi holocaust represents a terrible evil that words alone cannot describe.” In conclusion, Verastegui discusses how Barack Obama’s “inhuman” policies would endanger everyone if Obama is elected president.

CNA TV provided English subtitles and posted the video on YouTube.com, minus the victims segment. Soon Verastegui will release an English-language version of this video.

He said, “Most of the registered Latinos who are voting are voting for Obama. Why is that? He doesn’t represent our values: respect for life, traditional marriage or even immigration reform.

“Americans and people around the world need to know about Obama,” Verastegui continued. “If he is not going to defend the most innocent, then who is he going to defend? If someone is not willing to take a risk for the most innocent, which is babies, what can I expect from that person? He will not defend me. He will not defend you. That’s what inspired me to put something together.

“I want people to know the truth about Obama,” said Verastegui. “And I pray to God and I don’t judge anyone, but there is objective truth on this issue: It is wrong and we need to make sure that everyone knows [abortion] is not a subjective thing. It’s never okay to kill an innocent person.”

As Americans say, Verastegui puts his money where his mouth is. His foundation Manto de Guadalupe builds homes for the poor in Latin America, and helps mothers in crisis there and in the U.S. Verastegui is alarmed that nine abortion centers exist along just one mile of L.A., so he will open a pregnancy resource center among them.

He said, “You wanna hear something really, really funny? Here’s what happened at the end. All the nurses from the clinic — some were African Americans, some were Latinas — came outside.” The next thing Eduardo Verastegui knew, eight nurses wanted someone to take pictures of them with him. Instead, he gave each nurse a Miraculous Medal and his DVD. They didn’t want to watch his DVD, but promised to do so simply because he requested it. He told them, “I’m going to be here next Saturday and we’ll take a picture next Saturday.” Then the security guard confronted him, asking, “What are you doing here?” Verastegui countered, “What are you doing here, my friend?”

After our conversation, Verastegui left for Bella premiers in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama. Bella is also scheduled for release in Brazil, Hong Kong and Spain.

On Saturday, October 4, look for Eduardo Verastegui with the Los Angeles contingent of 40 Days for Life.

[Copyright Anita Crane 2008]

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