Gosnell Film Resonates Now More than Ever

Based on the true story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer takes audiences behind the scenes of the investigation and trial of the man who has been dubbed the “Biggest Serial Killer in America.”

While the film was originally released in theaters in October 2019, in 2019 it resonates now more than ever. Do you realize that abortionist Kermit Gosnell was sentenced in 2013 to a total of three life term sentences for killing three infants born alive? Meanwhile, on the 46 th anniversary of Roe v Wade, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law that allows abortion of full-term unborn infants for whatever reason.

Gosnell is not only a terrific film about a horrific man, but quite frankly it’s a very timely testament to what is happening in our country right here and now. Before Cuomo made even more headlines by having all of the tallest skyscrapers lit up in pink in a macabre celebration of his new law, seven states including Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon and Vermont, plus Washington DC, have all allowed committing abortion on full-term babies at the full nine months of development.

When the Gosnell case first broke, it took the mainstream news media about two years to finally give the story the coverage it deserved. Of course, this is no surprise given the pro-abortion bias of the left-wing news media. This is why the release of the Gosnell film on DVD and on-demand is so absolutely needed right now, now that the debate about abortion has been dominating the headlines.

I am absolutely thrilled to see this film have wide distribution, hoping that it will change many hearts in the living rooms of America. It is also a great opportunity to host screenings at your local schools, libraries, and churches.

As for the story plot itself, it immediately takes off from the start as two Philadelphia detectives are investigating an illegal prescription drug ring based out of Gosnell’s abortion facility. The two main detectives are James “Woody” Woods, played by former TV Superman Dean Cain, and Detective Stark who is excellently played by Alfonzo “Zo” Rachel, who is one of the first black commentators who made a name for himself on the internet in his popular online videos known as Zo Nation.

As the two detectives are ready to bring the case down, they are unexpectedly joined in the ambush by federal DEA and FBI agents who were also ready to pounce as the three law enforcement agencies get into a disagreement about who has jurisdiction over the investigation. Shortly after, all three agencies decide to cooperate and agree to participate together in a raid of Gosnell’s abortion facility. While they find evidence for the drug sales what they find next no one expected. A totally unexpected and gruesome discovery.

During their search of the common areas they find medical waste bags strewn about different areas in the building along with a number of cats running loose in all sorts of unsanitary conditions. When the two detectives find that the lunchroom refrigerator contains aborted babies in plastic bags next to containers of orange juice and employees’ lunches. These discoveries obviously raise questions on what Dr. Gosnell is really doing in this clinic.

The discovery of Gosnell’s house of horrors was a long-time coming because this guy had a long history of malpractice litigation and charges. Gosnell, somehow, managed to evade any criminal prosecution or jail time despite some pretty damning evidence.

Later in the film we learn why Gosnell had skated the law for so long when we hear a pretty useless bureaucrat from the Pennsylvania Department of Health telling the lead prosecutor that the DOH was instructed not to investigate Gosnell or other abortionists, so they wouldn’t interfere with a woman’s “access to abortion”.

Actor Earl Billings plays a very convincing and creepy Kermit Gosnell as he goes about during the investigation and trial with a cocky, narcissistic devil-may-care attitude further fueled by his lawyer who was presenting a very aggressive case in his defense. There are two disturbing scenes that have to do with aborted babies and their tiny severed feet, which Gosnell collected by the hundreds. One of the two scenes I’m talking about is when law enforcement is raiding Gosnell’s home, and while they discover all sorts of hidden files and a container with large amounts of cash, we hear classical music being beautifully played by Gosnell clad in a house robe and slippers.

In a couple of other scenes, we see Gosnell expressing a great deal of concern and compassion for his pet turtles, supposedly an endangered species. One judge then orders for the police department to ensure that the turtles are well-cared for. If only these activist judges would have the same type of compassion for the victimized women and children preyed upon by the abortion industry.

As they head into trial, it’s unclear how a jury will react to the information as the question of viability of the children found within the clinic will come into play along with ways to interpret the abortion laws. In Gosnell’s case, no matter how one looks at it or what the law determines to be viable or not, snipping the brain stems of a newborn, alive and breathing, is about as inhuman as one can imagine.

I like the way this film also took a shot at the fake news media when the District Attorney Dan Molinari (Michael Beach) tells the prosecuting team to expect intense media scrutiny at the start of the trial. Instead, they arrive to an almost empty courtroom where the pro-abortion media has demonstrated their own biased interest in not covering this story. Had it not been for one lone blogger, Molly Mullaney, played excellently by actress Cyrina Fiallo, no one else would have been there to cover the first day’s proceedings. It wasn’t until she tweeted and messaged the rows of empty seats in the courtroom to the shameless media that they finally paid attention.

As the trial moves forward Gosnell attorney Cohan makes a believable defense of Dr. Gosnell performing necessary but risky medical service. And while he may not have run the cleanest or safest clinic these were mistakes and don’t add up to murder. Woody knows one of the clinic workers has photos of some of the babies who were found in the raid but needs her to take the stand. But will she?

‘Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer’ – Released on DVD and Video On Demand, January 22, 2019. Visit www.gosnellmovie.com for more information and to watch the trailer.


Rey Flores is a writer for MysticPost.com, and a freelance contributor for The Wanderer Press, Media Research Center and other publications. Contact Rey at [email protected].

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