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Dear CE Editors:

I am very grateful to you for publishing the article on Holy Love ministries being condemned by the Bishop of Cleveland, Ohio where they preside and not shying away from the controversy it could cause from Catholics that either don’t understand or willingly choose to disobey the church.  Here in NJ many bus loads are going to the site and their Rosaries are being spread everywhere.  They are advertising the Rosaries they make, “Rosaries of the unborn” on The Bishop asked that Catholics do not support financially this organization in a letter he wrote last year. These Rosaries support their organization.  I sent Life News your article and the letter from the Bishop…. 

A friend of mine was going to go to the apparition site, so I started investigating it last year.  These are a few of the traps of the devil at the site:  First, they come in bus loads to the site on the feast of Divine Mercy and draw Catholics away from receiving the graces promised by Our Lord on this feast day as there are no confessions and no masses there and the site is far away from any Catholic Church.  They stay the whole Divine Mercy week-end without transportation because they arrive by bus, so they can not get to church on their own.  Holy Love Ministries is not a church and they don’t have mass or confessions! 

They claim Jesus comes there on the eve of the Divine Mercy Sunday at about 2:00am. Second, they claim that anyone who steps foot on their property will have all relatives released immediately from purgatory whether the person is in the state of grace or not and even if the person is a non-believer.  Now, that stops them from praying for their relatives in the future since they believe they are in Heaven already.  Third, they claim that anyone who uses their Rosaries will save a baby with each Hail Mary said on each of these “special” beads.  If that truly was the case, I would quit “40 Days for Life” and quit all fasting and continuous prayer at the abortion clinic and just say one Hail Mary a day on these beads and save 30 babies a month! 

Our Lady of Fatima asked us for prayer and sacrifices and so does the Bible.  It does harm to the pro-life movement and unfortunately the beads truly are beautiful and “pleasing to the eye” (Genesis 3:6 The Fall of Man).  I am sure there are many other traps of the devil associated with these apparitions.  The devil is trying to catch zealous pro-life people in his trap! Thank you again for speaking the truth.

Jennifer Racancoj



Dear CE,

In this, the year of the priest, I want to give special recognition to Monsignor Clark. His daily homilies are so inspiring and to the point. What a great way to start each day.

Thank you Monsignor Clark. Keep up the good work.

Patty Olson
Branson, Missouri


Dear Mary Kochan,

I have been reading yourself and Dale O’Leary on Transsexuality and really wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your absolutely marvelous and highly courageous defense of Catholic teaching on this subject. It’s no exaggeration to say that when I read transsexual apologies of the sort  thrown at you I felt a distinct icy blast that left me reeling, sick, and unable to think rationally.

You are probably aware that a one man play named  “Jesus, Queen of Heaven”  was recently staged in Glasgow during a so-called gay festival. The author is John Clifford, a father of two children who was married to a feminist writer, (RIP) and who in the last five years had sex change surgery. I have not seen the play. I don’t need to to realise the agenda beneath the title. This has been commented upon on Catholic News Agency, and myself and others have come under fire on Comments from someone called ‘Jo’ who defended the play and has ‘herself’ come centre-stage demanding recognition of PC pronouns and referring to any opposition to transsexuality as bigotry, because I for one will not bow to this kind of distortion. I am not doing very well against this person. I suspect but can’t prove that it is the playwright himself I am dealing with. Jo’s responses are fierce and irrational.

It is hard to respond logically when transsexuality is made out to be the same as having black skin. I have prayed much for light and understanding on this and once again may I express my thanks to you and Dale. I do not have contact email and I’d be very grateful If you could say to Dale how much I have been consoled and how grateful the entire Church should be for such dedicated thinkers and writers as yourselves.

In Christ

Brendan Bradley


Dear CE Editors,

Thanks to you and the whole CE crew for running the best Catholic general website. There is nothing else quite like Catholic Exchange.

Stephen Pohl

Thank you, everyone, for your kind remarks of appreciation about what we do here at CE. As Stephen noted, it takes a whole crew of people to bring this website to you everyday. It is our privilege to serve our readers – we believe that your time is owned by God and that we must never waste it. Thank you for your prayers and donations that make this website possible.

God bless you as we enter a new liturgical year together,

CE Editors

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