Glenn Beck: “I Don’t Understand How Nancy Pelosi Can Say That She’s a Catholic”

Tuesday night’s Catholic Vote conference call with Glenn Beck and 144,000 or so of his biggest Catholic fans didn’t break much new ground.

Fans will not be surprised to hear that he talked about Dietrich Bonhoeffer (one of his heroes) or that he called for days of fasting and prayer for the nation. Even I know these are staples from listening to snippets of his radio show every few days.

I was surprised at the strength of his pro-life message, although that might not be new. I don’t listen every day and I don’t have a subscription to his newsletter his magazine or his one-man, online television network. I haven’t been to any of his national events, like the one that packed the National Mall a couple of years ago or the one that filled Dallas Stadium earlier this year. I knew he was pro-life (he has a daughter who has special needs, and I’ve heard him speak movingly about what joy she brought to his life) but I didn’t know he was that pro-life.

“Life is the most important thing” to consider when deciding whom to vote for, he said. Paraphrasing Moses, he said we are all now faced with the choice between life or death.

Pretty strong stuff, and whether you think it’s strong-good or strong-bad probably has more to do with your opinion of Beck than your assessment of the political situation.

No, what struck me most about the call was his outsider’s view of the Catholic Church. Now a Mormon, Beck has long-ago Catholic roots, but now he views the Church from the outside in. He admires Pope Benedict XVI, and he had some nice words to say about the cardinals he met on a recent trip to Rome for his ongoing effort to ignite another Great Awakening (hey, it could happen!). But he summed up the Church quite nicely as only an outsider can.

“Catholicism is at war with itself,” he said, in the excited tones of someone reporting a news story he’d uncovered just this morning. And although a lot of us are quite aware of the war, that probably is news to a lot of people inside the Church as well as outside of it. Many people don’t pay attention.

And then he said — in a tone of perfectly ordinary perplexity that had nothing to do with the reporter on a foreign culture or the prophet calling a nation to repentance — “I don’t understand how Nancy Pelosi can say that she’s a Catholic. I don’t understand how Joe Biden can say that he’s a Catholic.”

The Pope says one thing, Beck observed, and they do another. So how can they say they’re Catholics?

I don’t understand it either, Glenn. I have my own ideas, sometimes quite as apocalyptic as you at your most apocalyptic, and sometimes as mundane and dispiriting as “they just don’t care — and neither does anyone else.”

But I know this much: Sometimes you need an outsider to tell you the Emperor has no clothes. It’s often hard for us to figure out what’s going on when we’re in the middle of the Catholic culture wars. Some of us are too eager to jettison our fellow believers from the Barque of Peter because they don’t agree with us on every particular, and others are so afraid of misjudging that we overlook people boring through the deck with augers.

But an outsider — even an outsider who has left the Church for a, shall we say, “interesting” alternative — knows what the Church is supposed to be. This is the guy who wrote an editor for the Washington Post titled “Why We are All Catholics Now” after the famous line by Mike Huckabee. Beck decided to take a public stand with the Catholic Church — only to find out that roughly half that very Church doesn’t stand with the Catholic Church.

It’s perplexing, all right. And for the sake of all of us in the Barque, whether we’re boring holes or baling, I hope Beck is wrong about that whole Moses “choose between life or death right now” thing. Because even if you think Glenn Beck is a morally bankrupt showman, you’ve got to admit that even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. And if he’s right about that, a lot of us are in trouble.


Gail Finke


Gail D. Finke is an author and mother living in Cincinnati, where she writes for The Catholic Beat at Sacred Heart Radio.

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  • John

    Fair enough. Can’t disagree w/ what Beck observes. Maybe Nancy would respond to Glenn this way: “how can a person so knowledgeable about Catholicism be a Mormon?” Nancy the hypocrite, and Glenn the apostate. The gates of hell won’t prevail, but Dear Lord, help us.

  • Cthemfly25

    I wish the Church had such “showman”…once upon time we celebrated the strident defense of Church teachings as witnessed in the person of Bishop Sheen. Now, after “outsiders” such as Huckabee and Beck, and many others, stand together in defense of the Church, they must have second thoughts. It’s not just the “hypocrisy” of the likes of Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, the Kennedys, et al, but it is also their “apostasy” (ignored by John) tolerated if not celebrated by some within the Church. I stand with the outsiders in looking upon such recent incidents like Cardinal Dolan”s invitation to Obama to attend the Al Smith dinner, or ND’s invitation for a return appearance of Obama, as behavior inconsistent with the ideological, spiritual and moral comfrontation of our times. I stand with the outsiders in questioning the lack of sound prudential judgment and the theological hypocrisy of disregarding the behavior of Pelosi, et al, over the decades. Otherwise, I stand with the Church, her militant, her suffering, her triumphant, and her Magisterial teaching.

  • I don’t know why, but Caroline Kennedy at the Demo Convention proudly proclaiming to be Catholic and pro-abortion shocked me. How could she??? Her parents weren’t pro abortion. Liar, Liar, pants on fire! Pelosi, Biden, Kerry,Kennedys, Sabelis are politicians first and will say whatever they have to in order maintain power and wealth.

  • chaco

    It really does boil down to Jesus saying how all Truth derives from 2 laws; “Love God/ Truth & Love neighbor as self.” (Mt. 22: 40). Unless we are suicidal, we appreciate how someone regarded our rights as an embryo/ zygote. If we love others as ourself, reason concludes with “No -Wiggle certainty” that being Pro-life is a no-brainer. [ I should talk, having rationalized myself into assisting with the procurement of denying life to my own offspring .] Wisemen have proclaimed; “People sin more from LACK of Will than from LACK of UNDERSTANDING.” Praise God for mercy that goes deeper than our rationalizing selfishness. Praise the SWEETNESS when we return to His patient/ tender arms (see 2Cor. 7: 10). Nancy, Joe etc., come home – His Mercy turns pain/ regret into healing praise.

  • jeff

    Glenn , Come home to Rome if you want more credibility among Catholics.

  • livethegoldenrule

    It is difficult to understand. Why claim to be of a faith whose teachings you don’t embrace? What I’ve been getting in prayer lately, is how pride can blind, and sin can harden the heart. There was a man among my Facebook friends whom calls himself Catholic, that started to both promote Obama and rip Romney. I asked if he knew that as a Catholic, we cannot support a candidate that is pro-abortion, that the right to life is the fundamental right endowed by our Creator. He said that Scripture doesn’t say nor can we be sure when life begins. I asked him about our Blessed Mother being pregnant only days when St. John the Baptist leapt in Elizabeth’s womb at the recognition of Jesus. He made a final remark that Obama has broken less commandments and unfriended me.

    It is unsettling that the Church has not been more clear and definitive with pro-abortion politicians that call themselves Catholic, that they cannot receive the sacraments if they work against the commandment to not kill. Those Catholics with an undeveloped catechisis, justify their position or look to the likes of Pelosi as proof that one can decide what they feel like and be okay.

    As our Blessed Mother has been saying, pray, pray, pray! Fast and pray. That is a critical component in this war between good and evil.

    May all have their right to life protected. God bless.

  • UsemeLordJesus

    Although Glenn Beck is Mormon he follows more of the teachings of the Catholic Church than many proclaimed Catholics do. As a Catholic I believe if every Catholic voted church teachings perhaps tax funded abortions would never have happened and may be eliminated in the future. God bless Glenn Beck for reminding us again about something we should already know and do.
    If any bishop is reading this I pray you will send a letter to be read at all masses in every parish in your diocese to vote for the persons who uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church and that one must be loyal to Christ above any party. Come on Catholics (slap, slap) wake up! Enough is enough! It’s time pray, fast and act.

  • John

    Dear Cthemfly25. I don’t disagree with much of what you write. And while I too admire Mr. Beck’s defense of life, marriage and family, I cannot ignore his embrace of Mormonism with its many bizarre beliefs such as the nature of God, the nature of afterlife, etc. Read about it, you’ll be stunned and maybe less laudatory toward Mr. B. I guess for me denying the Catholic understanding of the nature of God (being three SEPARATE PERSONS) trumps even pro-life issues! Sorry, but who the “Author of Life” is MUST take precedent. I simply cannot defend or exhort a former Catholic, who willingly rejected the core, DOGMATIC (think the Apostles Creed) beliefs of our faith, despite his laudable defense of life and family. Please understand, I am not defending those who claim to be Catholic and reject pro-life teaching. But I am also not prepared to exhort Mr. Beck either. You are putting the cart before the horse.

  • James

    “Because even if you think Glenn Beck is a morally bankrupt showman”

    Evidently, you do believe this, or why put such an ad hominem attack in your article?

    No rationale, just smear. Doesn’t seem very Catholic.

    Shame on you.

  • Eric Neubauer

    Dear Gail,

    Thanks for the article. A couple of thoughts:

    First, I am not sure Catholics want to hail Glen Beck as the “outsider” we need or want to asses the Church in her current state. An ex-Catholic who is now a Morman (Mormans absolutely reject the Trinity – heretical) he has become a neo-political / religious prophet on the air waves. We ought to be assessing him not the other way around. His assessment of the Church should be suspect to us all with this type of background + his lack of formal philosophical / theological training.

    Second, as a news / politics junkie and an ex-Protestant pastor I do listen to Glen and others on a regular basis as I am making an assessment on the days news. Glen has said so much that is actually contrary to Catholic teaching its scary. It has only been recently that he has made some adjustments to his criticism about Catholic Social Teaching & his views on Social Justice. In addition, because on the apocalyptic nature almost all of his comments relates to being in a “war” with everything. Yes, the reality of a post-Christian / post-Modern culture is here and its teachings are contrary to the Catholic Church we need not see everything from a WAR footing. The Church has been around the 2000 years and the Kingdom of God isn’t going anywhere. I have read the end of the book and He wins. Our job is to remain faithful, continue to be open to repentance and reform and charge ahead sharing the radical love of Christ.

    Yes, we do need an MLK of the political world and Glen Beck isn’t it. Your article could have benefited from being a little more informed of what Glen actually says every day (day in and out) and a little more critical of him.

    I hope and pray he returns to the Church and Jesus Christ. We can’t judge a mans heart but we know, historically, that a rejection of the Trinity is a rejection of the reality of WHO Jesus is.

    I pray for all our souls!

  • Melanie

    I don’t know why Glenn Beck who subscribes to some crazy cult involving aliens is the one to ring the alarm bell. This country is losing it’s Christianity! Our children, our neighbors, so many have COMPLETELY lost their way. Yesterday, I sat in the bleachers at my son’s baseball game and heard 5-6 Moms openly and joyously discussing the merits of 50 Shades of Gray. Where are our Priests? Where are our Bishops? I see the one’s standing up for Christ being marginalized and the one’s doing comedy acts promoted. I’m a little jealous myself that one of the few good men (even if he is not promoting Catholic theology; I’ve seen worse from our own Priests) to raise the alarm is not Catholic but in fact adhering to a strange cult. Can we NOT do even a little bit better. Perhaps one might send a dime to Michael Voris, I haven’t heard him say anything but the TRUTH. HMMM, the truth and Christ our Lord, seems to me that would be the right track there, no?

  • martin

    John, he wasn’t exhorting Glenn, he was exhorting what Glenn was saying. No one is saying you should defend of exhort Mr. Beck, all that is being said is that he has a valid point. You exhort the truth of what he is saying, not the man himself (that would be foolish, unless Jesus was saying it, then you could exhort Him). Stop using ad hominem arguments, they are not valid!

  • CT

    I watch Beck. I use to watch him on Fox News, then he left there for reasons including censorship. I am watching him again on his new network. Wow. This man is determined, if nothing else. But, truly, I think there is more to him…even if he is a Mormon. I’m not commenting on his Mormonism, as I know some things about that religion, but am not well enough informed about it to say some of the things other people have said in this forum. After I read this article about Beck, and I then read all the commentaries herein, I was going to comment too. But, then I decided to just move on. So, I read another article on CE, “Scripture Speaks: 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time” by Gayle Somers, it’s posted on the home page today. WOW! Did it ever speak to me about Glenn Beck, I hope anyone who reads my post might also find it revelatory. The article relates the story from the Gospel of St. Mark about the man who is casting out demons, but this man is not a follower (at least not a “known” follower) of Jesus. The Disciples were a bit irate about this guy, but Jesus not so much. In essence, Jesus told His Disciples to chill, “…For He who is not against us is for us”. Again, WOW!

    Sometimes we have to take the good with the bad, I perceive that many people feel that way about voting for Mr. Romney in the upcoming election. I am in no position to judge what will happen to those who profess Mormonism when they stand before our Lord and Savior at the end of their lives. I don’t believe any one of us on earth are in that position either. I am very aware of the teachings of my Catholic Church, and aspire every day to live up to the standards that Jesus Christ set for His Church. I see the departure of many “Catholics” from the truth, and it makes my heart ache for them, and for the Church universal. This culture and social justice war within the Church is not of God, and I most certainly agree that prayer, fasting, truth, and fortitude are the weapons we have been given to battle the enemy. Fortitude…boldness to proclaim the truth. I don’t think that anyone who is familiar with Glenn Beck would deny that he has fortitude. Now, were he to begin denigrating the Church and espousing lies about Her, that is where my opinion of him would take a distinct turn.

    Mr. Beck, for whatever purpose God has predestined, is at this moment in time our ally in the struggle to let the light of truth shine, and in the battle against the principalities. I am grateful for his solidarity, as solidarity is becoming hard to find even within the Catholic Church. For today, I say go Mr. Beck, go!

    Mk 9:40 “For he who is not against us is for us”.

  • Dismas

    James, that comment is neutral and balanced. What threatens you by it that you start war over it?

  • I don’t pretend to know why Glenn Beck left the Catholic Church for church of LDS. I can only assume that like many Catholics of his generation he was poorly catechized. As his is a recovering alcoholic perhaps he left the Church on his slide down and found support and comfort in Mormonism on his way back.
    I do think that before criticizing his comments on “Social Justice” that it be understood that his stand has never been against the Church’s teachings on social justice as enumerated in the CCC or Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church. What Beck has decried is the use of the phrase “Social Justice” by the left, including liberal Catholics as a cover for income redistribution and an agenda expanded government dependency.
    As for why Pelosi and the great number of left-wing, abortion supporting Catholics get a pass, it all comes down to the bishops. After VII the kinder gentler Church gave up excommunication and pastoral discipline for touchy/feely modernist notions of organization. Problems that could have been solved 50 years ago by a stern warning of public condemnation and canonical punishment against a single morally corrupt politician have now become a case of the Church having to line up against a major American political party. Where 50 years ago a bishop threatening to excommunicate a supporter of segregation caused the politician to back down a similar statement against a gang of pro-abort Democrats will result in an investigation of the the Church’s tax exempt status by the IRS. So now the bishops, through their inaction have painted themselves into a corner. In another time and place they would have already declared support for the Democratic party an act of support of intrinsic evil and cause for excommunication. Now in the United States they actually fear to do this. Not just because they will have to face the reprisals of the government (IRS, HHS, DOJ), but also because they have let pastoral discipline and catechisis go so long, that were they to come out with a statement that to vote for a Democrat is to support evil, they would lose a significant portion of the American faithful.
    Think that’s an over the top statement? Look at the Democratic party platform. How many intrinsically evil actions must a party endorse before support for them crosses into being an action of public manifest sin?
    (And before someone brings up the death penalty or support for war, as an attempt to paint the Republicans with a brush of equivalency, those are issues of prudential judgment, and so not equivalent.)

  • Melanie

    Some say the devil’s dead. Some say he’s hardly. Some say the devil’s dead and buried in Killarney.

  • Proteios1

    With respect to the author, I don’t really think we need mr. Beck or anyone else to tell us this. We know it quite well. I’m not saying this because I think beck is a buffoon. He is, in my mind, not worthy of listening to and I can’t justify his words with the, ‘even a broken clock is right twice a day’.
    But really? D you honestly believe with all the blogs, and at hold news commentators spouting statistics to this effect, that we Catholics don’t realize this? We are hip deep in muck. We know it!
    Much of our family denies the importance of our parents. Literally and figuratively. Or family thinks it can approach Catholicism like a consumer approaching a buffet. I’ll take some of this and some of tht, none of that, it’s too challenging, and lots of that easy to digest stuff there.
    We know it! And yes! We are doing our part, so continue the rallying cry, but enough self deprecation and start supporting those of us Catholics of the church militant fighting the war!
    And beck is still a broken clock. Not worth looking at.

  • james

    It is not neutral and not balanced. And why would you think I am threatened? Thought the purpose of comments was to have a dialog and share thoughts.

    Putting up a highly negative comment without any substantiation is shabby, regardless of who is being besmirched.
    To help you, imagine that someone said of you, “Even if you think that Dismas beats little children…”

    Does that help?

  • ct

    Wahoo!! Huzzah!! Bravo!! and thanks for a dose of truth!

  • samme

    Glen Beck like many is a person in process. As such he has been and is all over the place w/regard to religion.He was born & raised a Catholic, married Catholic, etc. Later due to some of his issues he parted ways w/both Church and marriage.Later he changed his faith beliefs and wife w/the Mormon Church. I don’t condemn him but I do not believe he is any authority on Catholicism or any faith. People need to take care regarding his interpretations of things. He was fiercely anti Romney until just recently when he, Glenn, was faced w/the reality he was totally in error re Romney. It is the same w/the Catholic Faith. Glenn is still searching and as such not a reliable guide for anyone who is grounded in the Faith.

  • chaco

    Plz excuse my ignorance; is Killarney something to do with Ireland ? My best instinct as to what you’re saying is that it’s similar to; “Though your sins be red as scarlet, they may become white as snow.” (Isaiah 1: 18)

  • chaco

    I’m reminded of my mindset as I attended a protestant service this weekend; I viewed their differring theology as being similar to freinds of my wife; They know much about her but are not as intimate with her as I am. Yet, because they are less intimate doesn’t require that I shun them. Rather, I celebrate the parts of my wife that we share. It seems to me that the greatest difference between us and our separated bretheren is the belief that as Catholics we continue/ partake in Jesus’ atonement for sin as “The Body of Christ” by offerring our Joys, Works & trials in union with the offerring of His life (see Col 1: 24). I take the edge off this distinction by realizing that they embrace the belief that Jesus is with them as they experience Joy, work & trials. It helps me to nurture a kindred Spirit.

  • Sept. 28th: I read today that one of our Bishops said that those who publicly support gay marriage should not receive Holy Communion. While I agree – publicly and aggressively pushing an anti-life agenda as a Catholic is worse. Pelosi and Biden publicly push the abortion agenda and the gay marriage agenda and Pelosi publicly urges other Catholics to join her saying that the Church and the Bishops are out of touch…and yet, she is permitted to consider herself a Catholic in good standing and receive Holy Communion. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict have both publicly stated that Catholics who publicly promote abortion should not receive Holy Communion but many Bishops do not stand with them on this and so Pelosi and Biden and Kerry and Kennedy and Daschle, et al, are affirmed publicly in their sin which cause tremendous confusion among Catholics and others…which is why many Catholics say they will vote for Obama again this year…

  • Sept. 28th…I believe that Beck joined the Mormons because his daughter felt at home there…since Beck is known for doing in depth research about everything, I doubt very much that he believes in all the tenets of the Mormon faith…

  • Melanie

    Please excuse me; I thought you may have been a friend who would have known what I meant. My husband and I have an old friend we called Chaco. God bless!

  • I didn’t write that to smear Mr. Beck, I wrote it because a lot of people — perhaps you don’t know this — think that he’s a morally bankrupt showman. My point is that even if that’s what you think of him, his observations about the Catholic Church are correct.

  • Eric: Thanks for the comments. I did not mean to imply that Beck is “the outsider we need” to save the Church, nor that everything must be looked at as some sort of war, please read the piece again. All I said wast that in this case his comments about the Church are correct, and that sometimes it takes a person who is outside something to see it clearly. He may not see a lot of things about the Church clearly, but these particular remarks struck me as being spot on. I find it very amusing that many other commenters here think I was insulting to Mr. Beck. He certainly is a polarizing fellow. And as for his remarks about social justice, I’ve heard a lot of them and I think it’s quite clear that he’s talking about people who equate the term “social justice” with Marxism, Liberation Theology, and other radical leftist political philosophies, which many of them do.

  • Yes, actually, I do think a lot of Catholics don’t realize it.

  • rwc

    “the Emperor has no clothes” Who is the Emperor? Pelosi and Biden who flaunt Catholic teaching? Or is it their bishops who don’t call them to task, denounce them, or excommunicate them?

  • ACatholicMom

    Please see the recent video by Bishop Thomas John Paprocki from ironically of all places, Illinois, stating that the Democrat Party platform supports intrinsic evil and the Republican platform does not.

    Also many of the bishops put in place by Blessed John Paul II are very vocal in adhering to the Catechism and the New Evagelization of the faithful. They are stressing that Catholics vote within the context of a fully-formed Catholic conscience. Unfortunately, many of my fellow Catholic have that deer-in-headlights look to them when you brooch that subject.

    There are too many too-cool-to-be-beholden to all that old-fashioned stuff CINOs that think just because they’re a “good person”, their salvation is a done deal. I prat for their souls as they partake in Holy Eucharist while not being in a State of Grace, then pray for my soul for being prideful.

  • ACatholicMom

    We have a priest in our parish trying to educate. He often speaks to our parish’s moms group that meets twice a month. I haven’t gotten the courage to tell him that with our group, he’s preaching to the choir. He needs to speak to the moms that say they’re “not that religious”. Yes, these people send their kids to a Catholic school, some attend mass weekly, others are too busy for mass. Sad.

  • charlesmcgee

    I would think that anyone would be what their faith tell them they are, bot what an elected official says he or she is. I am not driven by the faith of others, but my sacred vows.

  • Only God knows a man’s heart. I watch Beck everyday and listen to him speak of his Savior, Jesus Christ. Of Jesus being the ONLY salvation. The differences in the Mormon religion are many, but in the end, it IS salvation which guarantees our place in heaven.

    I was also a Catholic, but now follow Baptist teachings. The differences between Catholics and Evangelicals that different. We do not believe in praying or worshiping anyone but the Lord God and His Son Jesus. We believe in the Trinity. We do not pray to saints, knowing that in God’s eyes we are all his saints. We believe in commemorating the life and death of Christ through communion, but don’t believe as Catholics do, that Jesus enters our body with communion and leaves when we sin. He is there always.

  • chaco

    I’m still curious as to what it means but if it’s that private, I won’t pry.

  • Melanie

    Ha ha, no, it’s not private at all. I’s just a Clancy Brother’s song we used to listen to a lot. I figured if it was the Chaco we had been friends with, he might finish the line…More say he rose again and joined the British army. So sorry about that, I guess it’s a more common name than I imagined.

  • Raymond Nicholas

    OK Gail, last time I checked, God does not owe you Heaven. You want to enable baby-killing politically, want to be an abortion practitioner, or use abortion as a contraceptive device, you are NOT practicing your Catholic Faith, you are NOT Catholic in your heart, and you are NOT on the “Barque,” just pretending. You may very well end up in Hell. There is no moral equivalency in doing this or that corporal work of mercy and baby-killing. Gee, just so long as we get the minimum wage up 50 cents its worth those 1.2 million abortions each year! Vote for the party of death!

    The whole last paragraph is nonsensical to Catholic reason and our notion of God: Beck is really, really sucky so it is impossible for him to have a moral thought? Likewise for him to see a falsehood between Catholic doctrine and practice? Do Mormons lack intellect? A Mormon cannot say such a thing about our beloved Catholic Church! Beck’s a heretic! He’s going to Hell! Anything he says cannot be true!

    How can you even say that you hope Beck is wrong? Everyone with an ounce of brains knows that he is right in his observations about Catholics. Instead of denouncing Beck, why don’t you practice one or two of the spiritual works of mercy–actually teach the Faith to fellow Catholics, for example. Take any single thought in the Catechism, and there are plenty to choose from, and lets see if you can write an applied teaching article on the topic.

    For example, what does the Church have to say about defamation of character? Its actually quite detailed, with theological references. How many Catholics in public office personally defame their opponents and think that it is not a sin? Or when someone calls a person morally bankrupt without proofs?

  • Eric Neubauer

    Thank you for sharing your journey. But it does not change the fact that Mormons are non-Trinitarian. Hence, you can say anything you want about Jesus – but the embrace of non-Trinitarian theology is heretical. The embrace of non-Trinitarian theology also says something about Jesus as well. That something is NOT positive.
    Trinitarian theology is one (of a series of beliefs) that binds all “Christians” together.

  • Eric Neubauer

    Dear Gail

    Thank you for the response. The simple point I was trying to make was that you needed to be more critical of Beck. To refer back to his commentary of Social Justice – he treats that idea, especially in his original comments on radio & TV, like anyone who embraces the idea of Social Justice is in FACT supporting Marxism etc. Again, it has only been recently that he has modified these comments to be a bit more acceptable. Christ calls us to be socially just. Just because atheistic political leaders have hijacked that term does not mean that churches / parishes who have embraced this Biblical truth have some how become politically Marxist. While Glen may have something to say that is truthful I would not have used him as the example of an “outsider” – a person who has something significant to say about the Church or her need of reform. Shoot – for that matter you could have called me and I could have share several areas where the Church could be reformed. And I am a Happy Catholic.

  • caporasa

    I also happen to think it will only be a
    matter of time before Mr. Beck comes back to the fold. The Catholic Church
    offers, in its fullness, what no non-apostolic church can — the body and blood
    of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Eucharist above all else is the root and only
    sure path back to unity.
    That being said, I do think that our separated
    brothers and sisters in Christ have much to offer us and much we can learn
    from. They help keep us from becoming complacent in our faith and force us to
    always be ready to give a clear explanation for the hope we hold.

    I also felt the last paragraph in the article was a bit uncharitable and
    better off left unsaid. In this unsettling
    time we must stand with anyone who will stand with us on sound moral principles
    and truth.

  • John

    Dear Martin, I have made NO ad hominem attacks, so you misread what I have written. Ms. Finke could have EASILY written her article using many other CATHOLICS who have made the same point as Beck. To use and cite Beck on a CATHOLIC site does indeed exhort him since he’s being held out as a “model” Pro-Life defender. He is that, just not a “model” Catholic (one who willingly rejected the faith, an apostate).

    As to claiming I am using AH attacks…. The writer is using a Mormon to attack Pelosi and Biden questioning their “Catholicism”. And Beck is a credible expert for this as an apostate? By the way, that’s not a AH word in the way I am using it. It’s a proper term that some confuse for being AH. It simply means he willingly chose to leave the Catholic faith. All I am saying is that it cuts both ways AND that believing in foundational Dogma of the Church comes even BEFORE Pro-life. I am simply saying it seems odd to use Beck as the example of “model pro-Lifer”. Why not use Fr. Pavone? Or George Wiegel? Folks who happen to be fully Catholic and have made the same observations as Beck.

  • Adamantius1

    How can Pelosi call herself Catholic? It’s really pretty simple. There are many cultural Catholics in the world. Their ancestors going back centuries were all Catholic, so they consider it a form of cultural identity. All religions have their non-practicing members. I’ve known more than a few Jews, for example, who wouldn’t hesitate to eat a bacon sandwich. For them, being Jewish doesn’t mean that they follow the law of Moses. It means that they identify with their ancestors, who called themselves Jews and who were scattered throughout the world and often persecuted. The same is true of cultural Catholics. They were baptized in a Catholic church and their grandparents were from Ireland or wherever, so, in their minds, that makes them Catholics. Now, if her bishop were to excommunicate her, then she would not honestly be able to call herself Catholic, but he has refused to do that since he considers it coercion, tantamount to using communion as a weapon.

  • angelfish

    It’s “flout”, not “flaunt”.

  • angelfish

    I didn’t vote for President in the last election, because I didn’t like Obama and I couldn’t in good conscience vote for McCain after he picked that nitwit Palin as this running mate. There must have been another woman capable and available, and why he chose her I will never understand. Now, 4 years later, I most likely will not vote for President again and I am very distressed about it, but I don’t want Obama to get in again, and I can’t in good conscience vote for a Mormon. I don’t want to be prejudiced about him, but to be perfectly honest, Mormons creep me out, to put it in the vernacular. Why are we even listening to what Glenn Beck says, let alone take it to heart?

  • rlb

    Excellent dissertation!

  • rlb

    I agree!

  • James Stagg

    Simply because Beck is an “outsider” looking inside that we should hear what he says. Weigel and Pavone are usual defenders of the Faith; Mr. beck is unique, and a widely listened-to celebrity who OFTEN makes perfect sense…..of the “common” kind. Remember the Gospel from last Sunday.

  • Onegaishimasu

    Nancy Pelosi has excommunicated herself by her blasphemy, gluttony, and greed (strawberries for her birthday, indeed!) Reach back into your memory, Glenn. These people make my head hurt.

  • I am amazed that people discount Beck’s words just because he is a Morman and doesn’t believe like we do – nor do Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Church of Christ, Church of God etc but that does not give us the right to judge. Mormans do not believe in the Trinity, as I understand it. I heard him speak about becoming Morman when he met his wife and fell in love with her, she was Morman. I am Catholic and I don’t understand how Biden, Pelosi, Sebelis, and Caroline Kennedy can call themselves Catholic. Millions of babies have been killed because of them, especially Sebelis and will be millions more in the future. Yet they still feel confident to present themselves to the public as Catholic. How does that make the Catholic Church look to non-Catholics? Does it encourage people to investigate the Church because it is OK to say one thing and do another? Is it ok to be a cafeteria Catholic? I think it is disgusting, shameful and repulsive that the Bishops or the Pope don’t speak out publicaly and say these politicians can’t receive Communion nor are they communion with Catholic beliefs. Biden presented Obamacare as in line with the Church even though he KNOWS it isn’t. They are devils attempted to corrupt and deceive.

  • Poppiexno

    To Onegaishimasu:
    I’m not a theologian but #1463 in the CCC uses the term, “…excomunication, the most severe ecclesiastical penalty.” The word, “ecclesiastical” implies to me that ecommunication requires a formal action by a Bishop since only the Pope, the Bishop of the place or an authorized priest can confer absolution. If my reading is correct, Nancy Pelosi has not, and cannot, excommunicate herself. Only her Bishop (or the Pope) can excommunicate her. As I wrote on this site recently, the real scandal (CCC #2284, 2285) of so-called Catholic politicians promoting abortion is the lack of forceful action by their Bishops.
    To Anglefish and others like you:
    I pray that you reconsider. A non-vote is tantamount to a vote for the Son of Lies. If he is reelected it will be a catastrophe for this country. I do not exaggerate. Consider only the unprecedented recent attacks on religious freedom.