Homily of the Day

Friday of the First Week of Lent

Perhaps we are just enjoying a quiet drive in our car when suddenly someone cuts us off. We are happily going about our business until an unreasonable individual out of nowhere decides to give us a tongue-lashing. Just when we thought we’d be enjoying a nice day, there’s someone who comes along who seems to be having a bad one. When blind rage consumes us, everyone becomes our enemy. People who cross our path should be extremely wary because we literally are on the warpath.

Perhaps that’s how it is for some of us, when we allow unrelenting anger to overcome us. The Marvel comic book character, the Incredible Hulk, typically represents this intense stirring within the psyche when madness becomes a driving force. Anger and negative emotions becomes a euphoric feeling of unstoppable ultimate power. Unfortunately, the destruction that it inevitably leaves behind, sometimes take a long time to heal.

It’s no surprise then that Jesus encourages us to refrain from letting anger and negative feelings overrun our emotions. More good can be derived from clear thinking than by negativity. If we are unashamedly thrashing about, hurling objects here and there, will this unnecessary stress lead to a peaceful solution?

We must be reminded that before we dispose of our emotions, let the gentle side take control. Let us pray with the grace of God that our emotions never get the best of us.