Fear of “Christo-fascists”?

Like Andrew Sullivan's fear of "Christianists," my friend Stacey's fear of "Christo-fascists" is entirely misplaced. It also bears striking resemblance to those those ill-informed warnings about how George Bush or James Dobson or Fr. Richard John Neuhaus is working to turn the United States into a Christian theocracy.

"Christo-fascism" (Stacey's term, although it has the ring of something Christopher Hitchens might also have said) snuck up on me, because it's buried in an otherwise entertaining little piece about how "Jesus is a party animal."

Stacey didn't mean to be uncouth; he's a Christian of progressive sensibilities who wants to underscore the idea of Jesus as joyful. Part of the problem is that he can't himself figure out whether he has a beef with dour or devout people, and when I thought he'd gone off the rails, I argued with him in my blog.

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