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Don’t Compartmentalize Your Faith: An Interview with Fr. Gabriel Mosher, OP

Sometimes it seems like faith is confined to a private activity, certainly something not to be discussed in public. However, we have a call, not only to grow in our faith, but to grow in love for Christ and our neighbor enough to share the Gospel with everyone around us. How does this look in a modern, secular setting? Fr. Gabriel Mosher, a priest with the Dominican Order, is serving in Portland, OR, the hometown of CE Editor Michael Lichens and a place that is often regarded as the most secular city in America. Fr. Gabriel is a contemplative priest with a heart for the New Evangelization as well as sharing the love of Christ with the citizens of Oregon. He goes through how we can stop compartmentalizing our faith and grow in Christ through contemplation as well as practical ways to evangelize those around us.

While evangelization can be a bad word in certain circles, Fr. Gabriel demonstrates how it is the natural fruit of contemplation and love. His message is that you don’t compartmentalize your faith but reflect it in everything you do from work to leisure. Take a listen to find out how you can become a saint today and also be a light of hope in your city and neighborhood.


Don't Compartmentalize Your Faith

Fr. Gabriel T. Mosher, O.P.

Fr. Gabriel Mosher runs the website The Eighth Way, where he blogs on current news and shares his unique perspective. You can also find Fr. Mosher on Facebook, Twitter, and App.net.

Fr. Gabriel’s popular article “Don’t Just Discern Your Vocation.” is available here at CE.  You can also find his writings and interviews at OPWest.Org or by clicking here.

While discussing these things on new media is part of his vocation, Fr. Mosher’s main vocation is his priestly ministry within the Dominican Order’s Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus and the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon, where he is a priest at Holy Rosary Parish in Portland, OR.

Books mentioned in the podcast include:

The Dominican Order is on the frontlines of the New Evangelization, including writing articles here at Catholic Exchange. If you are interested in a vocation or know of a young person who should look into it, take a look at their Vocations Page for the West Coast and East Coast.

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