Does Nancy Pelosi Speak for All U.S. Women?

Women are showing up in greater numbers  in media and the public forum to say the HHS, Kathleen Sebelius, Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, and Nancy Pelosi crowd don’t speak for them.

Women like Cathy Cleaver Ruse and Colleen Carroll Campbell:

In honor of Women’s History Month, I’d like to make a request of America’s political and media elites on behalf of America’s women: stop lumping us together.

To be more specific: Stop telling us “what women want” in the next president, which political stands are sure-fire winners (or losers) of “the women’s vote” and what constitutes “the women’s view” in debates over everything from the morality of abortion to the limits of government and the best path to national prosperity.

While you’re at it, please stop quoting a handful of self-appointed “women’s advocates” as if they were proxies for all 156 million Americans who carry two X chromosomes. Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards no more represents my views than Sarah Palin represents hers. And I think I can speak for all women in saying that no single woman or women’s group speaks for us all.

Both women were on my radio program on March 2 for a roundtable discussion on this issue of the moment, which the Obama administration made the issue of news cycles for the unforeseeable future by mandating contraceptives, sterilization and abortifacent drugs in mandated health care coverage as ‘women’s preventive health.’

What it prevents is normal fertility of the female body. And the continued existence of newly conceived life in the womb (hence ‘morning after’ pills as abortifacents). And yet some politicians and complicity media call opposition to this government mandate a ‘war on women’.

Here’s Cathy Cleaver Ruse:

When liberal women announce that something is an attack on women’s rights, too many members of the liberal media just dutifully fall in line…It’s about religious freedom, it’s about federalism, it’s about constitutionalism, it’s even about common sense and fair play. We don’t play the gender card, we don’t play that game. We’ve got substantive reasons to oppose this mandate.

When we see polls about Catholics and contraceptive use, we’ve got answers. The Guttmacher Institute may claim that 98 percent of Catholic women use birth control. We know the survey is flawed, but it’s not relevant to the issue we’re talking about. We’re talking about the federal government…pushing birth control pills through religious employers. It’s not about who uses what and when.

If the Guttmacher Institute is correct, and 98 percent of Catholic women are using birth control, it shows that Catholics don’t need help from president Obama on the issue of contraception. They know how to access it, they know how to get it and apparently they know how to use it. So leave us alone. We don’t need our Catholic institutions to get into the business of providing it.

Colleen Carroll Campbell takes issue with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius claiming that fewer pregnancies means cost savings for the health care system (which she told a House panel).

Secretary Sebelius says ‘If we prevent birth, we lower health care cost.’ Now think about the logic of that. Anything that prevents birth and prevents life is something the government embraces to lower cost. So we’re one step away from forcing abortion coverage. When we have the HHS secretary saying that’s how they save costs, we’re marching right down the path of abortion and euthanasia.

Cathy says we’re already there.

The thinking is fewer people to drain the resources means benefits for us. It’s all about choosing who are the winners and losers. Fewer babies means more for us. We’re going to be rationing care, so there is more for us. That’s Obama’s approach to ‘health care’. He campaigned on the belief that abortion is basic healthcare. We know he already believes elective abortion is basic healthcare…

It’s the easiest thing in the world to be a contracepting Catholic in the world today. Everyone will congratulate you and cheer you on (intellectuals, media, dominant culture). It’s the Catholics who follow the Church teachings who are the victims today. We have to swim against the tide. The idea that women are oppressed today, it’s completely illogical.

Colleen wraps with this:

The casual observer would get the impression that the bishops are over here, and women are over there. And the feminist establishment is the abortion establishment. But there’s a chorus of women across the nation groaning when they hear that.

There’s a trend we’re seeing among young women, and they’re vastly pro-life. They’re really driving this ship. The March for Life is dominated by young women, the trends are moving in our direction. It’s our job to spread this awareness.

Dr. J and a young woman from the Catholic University of America did that March 9 on the program. If Sandra Fluke is the poster child of the ‘contraception as necessary health care’ mentality, either Monica Israel or Mary Clare Spencequalify as a poster child of the ‘fertility is not a disease’ belief.

Which at least attempts to correct the record on women’s history, and take its account out of the hands of revisionists.

Sheila Liaugminas


Sheila Gribben Liaugminas, of Chicago, is a member of the Voices editorial board, and was host of The Right Questions on Relevant Radio and Issues and Answers news show. She and her husband have two sons, one a seminarian and the other a college student. Follow updates on this story (and contact Sheila) at

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  • Debbie

    Excellent conversation! We need more of this, and it needs to be proclaimed loudly and continually. Women need to speak out against those who claim to support women but in reality are oppressing them with “healthcare” that is anything but healthy and good for women. Yes, we have substantive reasons to oppose this mandate including all those mentioned, and another: the fact that oral contraceptives have been labeled Class 1 carcinogens by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a subgroup of the World Health Organization. Though villainized, it is the Church, who is the true defender and protector of women.  

  • Barbara

    I would like to speak for myself please. And only myself. Awesome article. Thank you!

  • Ann

    Abortion is murder of a FETUS/BABY, PERIOD.  A babvy/fetus is a Human Being. Murder of a human being is a Crime. Therefore, abortion is a crime that has been legislated into law.Am I the only woman who is able to reason this out?

  • Debbie

    BRAVO! Excellent article. Obamacare doesn’t have to incude the “a” word (abortion) because it assumes abortion to be part of women’s healthcare. As a pro-life, Catholic woman, who completely embraces our Church’s teaching in Humane Vitae, I stand ready to declare with boldly, courageously and without compromise that fertility is not a disease that needs to be medicated!

  • As a pro-life Catholic, I believe women ought to form another organization, or join one that promotes women’s health, to counter the public liberal stream of consciousness that indoctrinates people to call abortion “healthcare.”  It is so false as to make thinking Americans stop, scratch their heads and ask how God could make women, the bearers of life, “unhealthy” when pregnant.  It’s either an intellectual oxymoron or…no need to go that far. “Beware the tides of obamacare.”  Rise up.  Recognize your strengths, use  your wits, don the helmet of logic, sharpen your pencils and defend all that motherhood represents.