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Creating Art as an Act of Prayer | feat. artist Timothy P. Schmalz

Creating Art as an Act of Prayer | feat. artist Timothy P. Schmalz

Canadian sculptor Timothy P. Schmalz has made public art like the Canadian Veterans’ Memorial and Golden Leaves, the hometown memorial statue to Gordon Lightfoot. Recently he has become more well-known for his religious art, such as his Homeless Jesus statues that can be found all across the world.

Today, Michael kicks off a new season by exploring the art and work of Schmalz while focusing on how our spiritual lives can lead to abundant creative lives. If you are an aspiring Catholic artist in any medium, join us to talk about the practical (notebooks) and spiritual (prayer) aspects of creating art.


Check out the art of Timothy P. Schmalz at, and you can also find him on Facebook and Instagram to check out his latest work that we discussed.

Finally, check out our previous interview with Timothy P. Schmalz that explores the themes of his art a little deeper. For readers, there’s also the fantastic review of his work by K.V. Turley called, “The Homeless Jesus Statue, the Year of Mercy and the New Evangelisation.”

image: Homeless Jesus by Timothy P. Schmalz outside of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin/ Photo by Randall Greene on Unsplash

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