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Why Catholicism? An Interview with Brandon Vogt

Throughout the world, Atheism is on the rise and an increasing number of people now identify themselves as having no religious affiliation (“nones”). In such a world where disbelief is gaining traction, why should anyone consider the Catholic Church? Best-selling author Brandon Vogt offers some unique insights gleaned from his own conversion experience as well as his ongoing dialogue with atheists.

While discussing Vogt’s latest book, Why I Am Catholic (And You Should Be Too), Michael and Brandon reflect on their own paths to Catholicism and the many reasons everyone should consider the Catholic faith. From beauty to the grace of confession, we cover a lot of ground and dive into the big questions about life and faith in today’s episode.

Resources Mentioned in this Show

Brandon Vogt is an award-winning blogger and author who has written many books, most recently Why I Am Catholic (And You Should Be Too)To learn more about Mr. Vogt, or to inquire about his speaking schedule, go to his  website (brandonvogt.com) or follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

You can read an excerpt of Why I Am Catholic on Catholic Exchange today by clicking here.

As well as writing, blogging, and speaking, Mr. Vogt also hosts dialogues between atheists and Catholics at StrangeNotions.com.

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