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Editor’s Note: In light of the fact that unemployment is still holding at about 8.2%, we thought it might be good to pass on the following notice from Tim Harrison at And, at the risk of seeming paranoid, we want to make it clear that Catholic Exchange has not “cut a deal” with; we receive nothing for posting this. We just want to pass it on for the sake of those suffering Catholics out there who are looking for work: Relaunched by Sacred Heart Media

Sacred Heart Media is pleased to
announce the relaunch of For over eight years, has been the leading publisher of job listings
focused on Catholic schools, churches, hospitals, ministries, and
other religious or pro-life organizations. With over 250,000 pageviews
a month, employers often receive dozens of serious inquiries from
prospects, while job seekers have hundreds of openings to consider.

Since 2003, has relied on word-of-mouth and search
engine referrals to grow. The relaunch begins an aggressive new
marketing campaign with the goal of doubling its user base by the end
of the year. Soon, Catholics across the nation will learn of from Catholic newspapers, magazines, radio, websites,
church bulletins, and job placement services.

The relaunch also brings a host of new features to the website,
including a re-imagined user interface and integration with LinkedIn,
the world’s largest online network of professionals.

“There’s no reason why Catholic organizations should have to spend
hundreds or even thousands of dollars on recruiting someone, “ said
Sacred Heart Media president and lead developer, Tim Harrison.
“Faithful Catholics are eager to work for the Church. It’s simply a
matter of connecting them.”

Eric Dill, the Director of Human Resources for the Diocese of
Metuchen, New Jersey, had this to say: “For nearly five years, we’ve
relied on as an important part of our recruiting
strategy. The site is extremely easy to use, is cost effective and has
enabled us to successfully source qualified candidates who meet our
unique job requirements. is a terrific alternative to
advertising in the secular press and other job-posting sites such as
Monster. I recommend them with enthusiasm.”

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