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Catholic Homeschooling on the Home Farm: An interview with Ken and Cari Donaldson

The Catholic Exchange Podcast returns with two very special guests to kick off our new season. Ken and Cari Donaldson (of Clan Donaldson fame) sit down with Michael to discuss how they homeschool their six children and build up their small farm, The Ghost Fawn Homestead in the quiet corner of Connecticut. As well as the experience of working the land, the Donaldsons have found that their children gain greater knowledge and appreciation of their food and that working their land even has a spiritual impact.

While the life of farming was once common to all, it’s something we’ve lost touch with over the last century. However, there has been a new movement among some Catholic families to garden or farm as a way of embracing the whole life of the family. Such a life was once envisioned by Catholic figures such as Fr. Vincent McNabb. How does such a life happen and what impact can it have on the whole family as well as the community? Listen to this week’s podcast to learn more.


Ken at work on the homestead

Ken at work on the homestead

Cari and Ken maintain The Ghost Fawn Homestead and share it through their blog and podcast.

You can find out more about the Ghost Fawn Homestead on facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Cari Donaldson has written for Catholic Exchange and has also published a book, Pope Awesome and Other Stories.

Cari also writes on her own blog, Clan Donaldson. For updates on her life of mothering, schooling, and raising six kids on a farm, follow her on facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Ken is also on Twitter.