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The Catholic Gentleman, Farming, and the Benedict Option: A Conversation with Sam Guzman

With the release of Rod Dreher’s highly-anticipated book, The Benedict Option, many Catholics are having a conversation about how best to raise their families and form healthy communities. What may surprise many is that such a project has been underway in the Catholic world for decades. Today, Michael welcome back Sam Guzman of the Catholic Gentleman to discuss his family life in a growing village around Clear Creek Abbey in Oklahoma and what such a community might look like. If you are wondering how to raise your kids in a secular culture or how to solve the issue of loneliness, listen in today.


Mr. Guzman is the editor of The Catholic Gentleman, and you can find him on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Sam is the author of Be Not Afraid: A Book of Quotes for Catholic Men, which is available in paperback or ebook.

To learn more about Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey, visit their website. You can learn more about their conference, “The Idea of a Village,” by seeing this site where you can purchase tickets and learn more about the speakers.

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