Catholic Exchange Caught in the Storm

bargerfileWhen last year Catholic Exchange sailed into port here in New Hampshire, seeking shelter at Sophia Institute, it was clear that, without quick and massive repairs, she would be destroyed by the strong winds and rough waters that sink so many good Catholic endeavors these days.

No longer would we Catholics be able to turn to her for spiritual wisdom and guidance and for good news about the Church we love.

Our hands were already full, refitting another battered Catholic apostolate—Sophia Institute Press—but we couldn’t let Catholic Exchange sink.

We have run Catholic Exchange for over a year now.  And you know what?

With your help, we’ve saved Catholic Exchange. We’ve reset her mast, repaired her sails, caulked her seams, and steadied her compass.

Now she’s eager to sail boldly forth again, offering thousands of good Catholics sustenance and shelter again in the storms we see gathering on the horizon – particularly those stirred up by anti-Catholics citing remarks by Pope Francis as evidence our Church is about to abandon all She has held these past 2,000 years.

Believe me, my friend, there’s a storm a’brewing, and a bad one – which is why it’s important that we continue the work we’ve already done to strengthen Catholic Exchange and make her holy wisdom available to the tens of thousands of souls who regularly turn to her for help.

In just over a year, our brave little ship has gathered around her a flotilla of hundreds of thousands of souls across America and throughout the world: souls like you whose knowledge, insights, and prayers are enriching your loved ones and fortifying your parishes for the storms to come.

Even as we worked to refit Catholic Exchange this past year, we brought you hundreds of thoughtful, informed articles like the following, articles that helped you consider these issues with the mind of the Church:

  •   How to Hear God Speaking to You
  •   Divorced Catholics and the Eucharist
  •   Are Catholics Supposed to Abstain from Meat on Fridays?
  •   The Liturgy of the Hours Isn’t What you Think
  •   Holy Hour: The Power of Three O’clock
  •   Can I Go to Confession Online?
  •   The Theology of the Body vs. 50 Shades of Grey

With our own limited funds, we financed all this.

Now we must do more.

Right now, we need to recruit for Catholic Exchange a much larger, talented and seasoned crew of Catholic writers so faithful and so eloquent that Catholics across our nation and throughout the world can rely on her for sure Catholic guidance in our complicated times.

And we greatly expand our readership so that the holiness she promotes can reach Catholics in even the tiniest parishes, helping them understand better and articulate well a defense of Church teachings.

For the coming storms are likely to be as bad as any seen in our lifetimes, and promise to extend to the farthest reaches of our Faith.

Will you help?

This past year, Sophia Institute provided Catholic Exchange about $40,000 in goods and services. For free, we handled all of her billing, data entry, phone services, and other costs, large and small, in previous years, had sapped her strength.  But without risking the wellbeing of Sophia, we cannot do more.

Now we’re at a crossroads. 

CrossroadsTo continue, we must turn to good folks like you for the funds we need to outfit our ship for the battles ahead, to pay for writers, editing, marketing, and outreach

How much must we raise? $60,000.

Considering how much we accomplish and how many souls we reach each day, that’s not really much.

Monthly, with expenditures of only $5,000 we reach over 200,000 souls. That’s just 2 cents a reader per month: 24 cents per reader per year!

In a word, for less than the cost of one cup of coffee each, we provide readers around the world a whole year’s worth of thoughtful, daily Catholic articles and analysis.

Although the reliably Catholic content you read on Catholic Exchange is free—it is not free to produce.  Our work depends on your support.  We simply cannot continue without you.

Will you visit our secure online donation form and make a tax-deductible gift of $25, $30, $40, $50, $100, $500, $1,000, and even $5,000 and $10,000 today?

And will you please consider becoming a monthly donor by choosing that entry on the second line of our secure online donation form?

$5,000 a month is all we need.

Could you sponsor the month of January for us by sending $5,000?  Or half of January for $2,500?

Can you give $1,000, or $500, $250, or even $100, $50 or $25?

Or might you go to our website at this link and become a monthly donor, which helps us now and helps us plan for the future? $100 a month? Could you afford $50 or $25 per month?  How about even $10 or $5.

Anything you give will help.  No amount is too large—and no amount too small.

And whether or not you contribute, please pray for our apostolate.


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If you prefer to donate by mail, you may send a check to:

Catholic Exchange
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You may also make a donation by phone:




Charlie McKinney


Charlie McKinney is the President of Catholic Exchange.

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  • Lee

    I enjoy Catholic Exchange, and what is offered by the writers and readers give cause to remind us that we must use critical minds and loving hearts. I look forward to another year of Catholic works for all who choose to enjoy. God bless you and your associates who are striving to share the Truth.

  • catholicexchange

    And we appreciate you and all your participation in the comboxes, Lee. We pray you have a peaceful Advent and then a Merry Christmas!

  • Mary C Donahue

    I read CE as often as possible .
    I am unable to donate but will pray for a multiplication of the loaves and fishes for your endeavor

  • catholicexchange

    And we thank you for your prayers. They are very needed and appreciated. Each day that we start work, we pray for assistance from the Sacred Heart and our editor daily calls for the Holy Spirit and for help through the intercession of Our Lady Of Czestochowa.

    Thank you so much, Mary, and we hope you have a peaceful Advent!