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Tales of a Modern Missionary: An Interview with Dr. Joseph McAleer

The late Cardinal Egan was known as an energetic and charismatic defender of the faith throughout his priesthood as well as when serving as the Archbishop of New York. Known for his stances on matters of faith, his public appearances, and his ability to talk to anyone, Cardinal Egan has left behind a legacy that includes more than a few insights and stories.

Today Michael is pleased to welcome Dr. Joseph McAleer, an editor to Cardinal Egan who has helped to collect some of the late Cardinal’s best writings and stories into the new book, Practice for Heaven: True Stories from a Modern Missionary. Dr. McAleer recounts the many memories of Cardinal Egan, such as the prelate’s journey into a record store to buy heavy metal in order to understand its influence on youth as well as his many lessons on how to obtain holiness today. Through Dr. McAleer’s work, Cardinal Egan offers a wealth of teachings on becoming a saint and modern missionary.


Cardinal Egan’s book, Practice for Heaven: True Stories from a Modern Missionaryis available in paperback and ebook from Sophia Institute Press and your local bookstore. You can also look inside and preview chapters through Sophia Institute Press.

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