Cancer Victim Finishes Pregnancy with Chemo Despite Objections of Pro-Abort Groups

A cancer victim known to the Nicaraguan press only as “Amalia” recently gave birth to her child, after frantic efforts by local and international pro-abortion groups to obtain an abortion for the woman failed, according to the local daily El Nuevo Diario.

Although the pro-abortion groups claimed that Amalia could not receive chemotherapy while pregnant, she has been under treatment since February and gave birth somewhat unexpectedly. Her child died soon afterwards.

In spite of the outcry by abortionist organizations in February against the rejection of abortion by Amalia’s doctors, her husband says they are happy with the treatment she has received.  However, Amalia is reportedly devastated by the loss of her child because “she was so excited about her pregnancy.”

In contrast, the Nicaragua abortion lobby was decidedly less excited by Amalia’s pregnancy; now that the baby has died, abortionist groups are reportedly demanding that an autopsy be done, paradoxically threatening legal action if the chemotherapy given to Amalia is found to have harmed her child.

When asked about the matter, Amalia’s husband responded by saying that, “I don’t know that they are going to do an autopsy, but that should be a decision of the family.”

Amalia is scheduled to go home soon from the hospital, where she will continue to be treated for her cancer on an outpatient basis.

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