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How Can Catholics Keep Youth in the Church?

How Can Catholics Keep Youth in the Church? | A Conversation with Everett Fritz

Today’s guest, Everett Fritz, tells us of when he looked back at all the teens in his youth group from years before and wondered how many of them practiced their faith. To his shock, he discovered that out of many teens, only a few seemed to practice their faith once they left their parish youth group. Many parish priests, youth pastors, and volunteers could tell similar stories.

Not satisfied with these results, Mr. Fritz decided to really study the problem in-depth and came upon some surprising discoveries. These results and insights shine a light on our present crisis and what we can do to address it. Join Michael and Everett Fritz as they tackle one of the most important issues of our day.

As a bonus to our readers, Michael asked Everett some of your questions and passed along a few of your comments in response to his article, “Our Youth Are Leaving the Church.”


Everett Fritz is the author of The Art of Forming Young Disciples: Why Youth Ministries Aren’t Working and What to Do About ItYou can learn more about his work at EverettFritz.com. Also check out St. Andrew Missionaries, whose mission is to assist parishes in mentoring their youth.

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