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The Bible as a Great Adventure | Jeff Cavins, scholar and writer

The Bible as a Great Adventure | Jeff Cavins, scholar and writer

 “I want to encourage you to integrate the Gospel message into your life, because it’s the only message that cuts through all of the darkness, cuts through all of the politics and everything else, and gets to the heart of an individual.”

— Jeff Cavins, keynote address at the 2021 National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

Holy Scripture is crucial to our faith, yet few of us find the time to actually sit down and read it. Jeff Cavins, a renowned Biblical scholar and author, has been making it his goal to change that. On this week’s episode of the Catholic Exchange Podcast, he shares how his love and passion for scripture changed his life and inspires his ongoing work.

Mr. Cavins gave the 2021 keynote address this year at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. As he shares in today’s podcast, however, Mr. Cavins didn’t find his way back to the Catholic faith until adulthood. In this episode, he tells of how his love and study of scripture eventually brought him back to the Church. We also learn about his ongoing projects with The Great Adventure Bible Timeline and The Bible in a Year Podcast.

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Jeff Cavins is the creator of the celebrated Great Adventure® Bible Timeline study series which has empowered generations of Catholics to understand the Bible’s central “story of salvation.” Jeff has been a leading Catholic evangelist, author, and podcast host for decades, and is particularly well known having hosted EWTN’s “Life on the Rock” TV show for six years. Jeff’s best-selling books and Bible studies include The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation, Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible, Jesus: The Way, the Truth, and the Life, The Activated Disciple and Walking with God: A Journey Through the Bible.