At only 14 Months of Age, Boy Towers Over Mother

Amanda Moore, a twenty-five year old woman who suffers from a crippling bone disease, was advised by her physicians to get an abortion when she became pregnant in 2008.  She stands only three feet tall, and was told that her body could not sustain a child.

However, Moore said her love of her child was stronger than her fear of death, and she decided to continue with the pregnancy.

Today, only 14 months after his birth, her son looks down at her.  At 2 feet, 6 inches tall he is only 6 inches shorter than his mother.  However, because she can no longer stand, she actually finds her child looming over her.

”Doctors advised me to have a termination and we did think about it,” Moore told the Telegraph in a recent interview.  “I didn’t want to die and there was a real and likely possibility that the baby growing inside me would kill me.

”But at the same time I felt a strong love developing for our unborn child I just couldn’t dismiss. We both wanted this baby so much.”

Although her pregnancy was difficult, Moore’s son was born healthy at 5 pounds, 5 ounces in February 2009.

Moore’s case is not unique.  Many children have been born to very young mothers, whose short stature has not prevented them from successfully giving birth.

The youngest girl known to have given birth was Lina Medina, a girl of five years of age, in Lima, Peru, in 1939.  When Medina’s case was initially reported by Peruvian doctors, U.S. physicians expressed skepticism, but today her case seems to have been accepted by the American medical establishment as well.  Medina’s son was born healthy by caesarean section, and lived to the age of 40, when he died of an unrelated illness.

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