As Our Hearts Grieve, So Does God’s

At a recent House Energy subcommittee hearing Rep. Charles Melancon (representing Louisiana) allowed the true grief of his heart to surface, I think he stirred the grief in the hearts of many of us who have grown up in this “Sportsman’s Paradise.”

As many of us watch the footage of the helpless birds immersed in oil, possibly the same grief of heart is stirred. Why? Because so many of us have been able to reap the fruits and blessings of God’s beautiful creation, and now we see it being stricken before us.

Granted, there is the downside since the fall, of the mosquitoes, pollution, biting alligators, snakes and sharks, and the like; but I think many of us can attest to the great gift God has given us in this coastal region, of the plentiful fish and wildlife, and the grace-filled experience of being out in nature whether for the hunting, fishing or other recreational activities.

As I reflect back on spending summers in Grand Isle as a child, so many fond memories come to mind. I even remember crying at times as we drove away from the Island because my experience there had been so meaningful.

I think I was experiencing a certain taste of God through relishing in His creation, even though I wasn’t conscious of it.

Well, I believe God’s heart is grieving with us now as he sees the devastation taking place in His creation. And, at the same time, He is in full control and could snap His fingers in an instant and plug the leak and clean up the mess.

Up till now He hasn’t done that though; and, good chance He will work through us to do the plugging and cleaning. But, as well, He waits for us to turn to Him as His children, to beg for His grace and mercy, and to surrender our lives to Him, that He may truly be our only God (as the 1st Commandment states).

He tells us in Scripture, “All things work for the good for those who love God.” There is a reason He has not given us more help in stopping this catastrophe sooner; and maybe it is because He’s waiting for some of us to turn to Him and give over control (or anything else that comes before Him in this life), and for others who are already surrendered pray-ers (though there’s always more), He’s inviting us to be “co-redeemers” with Him and suffer that others may come to know Him too.

We must remember that ultimately “it is not flesh and blood that we are fighting against, but  principalities, powers and world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the Heavens” (Eph 6:12).

As I watched the video of the helpless, innocent, little bird who was soaked in oil and washing to and fro with the waves, my heart was greatly saddened; and then I began to think, if I, a mere creature, experience such grief with the wildlife that have no spiritual soul, how much more must the heart of God grieve as His beloved children in the womb are killed by their own*.

May God have mercy on us, His children.  Haven’t many spiritual visionaries and prophetic voices warned us here in America that we would have to make reparation for the millions of abortions that have been and continue to be performed in our country?

Only as we turn to God with repentant hearts do we have peace of heart and peace of land. May it be so. May we all, through this tragedy, have the grace to turn to Him now.

*This is not a judgment on anyone who has had an abortion. God only knows how culpable a person is. And, for those who have repented and turned to God, “All things work for the good for those who love [Him].”


Lilla Marie Lottinger is a lay missionary living in Houma, LA. Her mission website is: She can be contacted at lillamarie727 at

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  • elkabrikir

    We humans are sojourners in a foreign land whether we realize it or not. When we forget our pilgrim status, and that our true home is in eternity with God, we lose our peace of soul and develop an idolaterous relationship with nature. (specifically referring to the subject of the gulf spill but the concept can be applied to any created thing, including beloved children.)

    I, too, grieve deeply with Lilla and all those who mourn the destruction of the natural world along with people’s livlihoods and the death of human beings. However, since I truly believe that a battle among the principalities permeates everything in this age, all events such as this one, turn my heart and mind to the Heavenly Jerusalem, where God will wipe away every tear.

    Therefore, I can also look at the devastation with hope and joy. It reaffirms my core belief in the trinitarian God that animates my life.

    As Carrie Underwood sings, “This is our temporary home.” I praise and thank God for it, yet I long for the Heavenly Jerusalem, as all Christians do.

    thanks for the insights.

  • lkeebler

    The Gulf coast is my home. I grew up there, as my father did before me, building sand castles in the pure white sands and swimming endless hours in the warm waves like the dolphins. Fish and birds and the beauty of God’s gifts were so abundant that it did seem like paradise. Now as I watch the beautiful waters poisoned I feel like I am being poisoned too, like the chocking off of oxygen and nourishment. But I am not being poisoned, I am being made very aware that my trust is not in this life, this earth, or any circumstance… my trust is in Christ alone.

    God’s Mercy is abundant, as abundant as the grains of sand on the shore. All we need do is ask, to repent and turn to the One that forgives. But if we continue to rebel, to turn our backs and go our own way, we will suffer the consequences of evil, we will make our own misery. Devoid of God’s Wisdom, we will make our own way to destruction.

    And the Lord gave me Psalm 100…
    I said,
    Yes Lord, I know that one…
    Who is watching over, O well tended flock…
    You Lord.

  • Elkabrikir and lkeebler,
    Thanks for your comments. I love them…
    The editor would like to use them as letters to the editor in response to my column that is published in the St. Charles Herald Guide in St. Charles Parish (county). But would need your names, or at least nicknames, if you’re open to that. They are uplifting and I think would inspire the readers in these times.
    Thanks for your consideration. If interested can email me at