Are You Blind to Your Own Goodness?

Rom 15:14-21 / Lk 16:1-8

In the very first sentence of today’s epistle, St. Paul gives us a glimpse at one of the qualities that made him such a good man and such a powerful bearer of God’s Good News. It was his ability to see the goodness in every person he met. Not only could he see the goodness in every person, but he knew how tell them about it, so they could rejoice in it and draw courage from it as well.

That’s something we don’t do nearly enough, either for others or for ourselves. It’s a shame, because goodness, heroism, and all sorts of accomplishments against long odds are present in abundance in so many of us. And they could be such a source of encouragement and confidence as we face the next challenges in our lives. Moreover, we know that our achievements aren’t ours alone. They’re the result of God working with and in us. Yet, when was the last time we thanked God for them, really thanked him? Strange, isn’t it, how our prayers tend to focus on our needs and our faults and failures.

So here are some questions to ponder. Have I named my successes out loud and thanked God for them? Have I helped my friends and family do the same? Have I drawn courage and confidence from what God and I have done together so far?

If any of my answers are “no,” I’ve been missing some of life’s special joys. Isn’t now the right time to change that? Indeed it is.