Abortion Billboard Trucks Continue to Cause Media Uproar

Less than one week after the Canada Center for Bioethical Reform (CCBR) launched its pro-life, Reproductive "Choice" Campaign (RCC), featuring massive billboards of aborted fetuses on the sides of transport trucks, the media is still going haywire over the initiative.

Following top-secret routes through the city, the trucks will be weaving through the streets of Calgary for an indefinite period time. The images are approximately 11-meters long and display the torn-up limbs of a first trimester aborted fetus. The word "Choice" is written next to the image with a website address for more information.

The CCBR has received a variety of different responses to their initiative, including shock and anger to enthusiastic approval by city residents. Whether or not the reactions are positive, however, the initiative has been met by an unprecedented response from major Canadian news services, several of which have reproduced the abortion truck images in their own papers.

In addition, the media stir has caused a major pro-abortionist representative to participate in a public discussion of the issue. Since the abortion trucks hit the streets of Calgary, the National Abortion Federation (NAF) Executive Director Vicki Saporta has agreed to take on the subject of abortion with CCBR Executive Director Stephanie Gray.

The CCBR campaign has received some positive secular reports, including an August 10 column by Nigel Hannaford in the Calgary Herald. He called the billboard effort "a good thing" and described Gray as one who speaks with intellectual clarity and firm conviction, yet without abusiveness towards abortionists.

Referring to the bloody images, the article stated that it is the abortionists who harm the dignity of the unborn child, not the people who display the pictures. Hannaford concluded, "She (Stephanie Gray) is a brave young woman. And, she is right."

The Calgary Sun as well as the National Post covered the Reproductive "Choice" Campaign. In addition, the Post printed a good-sized picture of the truck and its billboard. CTV aired an image of the truck three different times, and on CTV's online video section, reporter Najuma Yagzan describes the billboard images, saying, "You can clearly distinguish a body, hands and feet."

Not all of the media coverage has been positive, however, with the local Calgary FastForward Weekly referring to it as "The Little Truck of Horrors."

Syd Smith of the Edmonton radio station 630 CHED interviewed Gray on August 8, and two days later she was debating Joyce Arthur on the Montreal radio station AM 940.

Describing the AM 940 discussion/debate, Gray told LifeSiteNews.com that in 1999 she asked Arthur to debate US pro-life speaker Scott Klusendorf, but she refused and subsequently published an article on why the pro-choice don't debate the "anti-choice."

Nevertheless, this summer the success of the abortion trucks have finally forced her to take a stand in a public debate. During the AM 940 broadcast last week, Gray noted that Arthur referred to the truck project, saying that it wasn't a way to establish debate.

Towards the end of the interview, however, Gray responded by referring to the 1999 debate invitation. She indicated that the billboards must have been effective after all, since Arthur has reversed her earlier decision and agreed to debate Gray.

Referring to the recent debate, Gray told LifeSiteNews.com, "It took putting a truck on the road for her to finally debate me. Proving that it's not ineffective, it forced her into the public square."

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  • Guest

    What's that saying again…

    'Jesus came to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.'

    I pray God's blessing of conversion, forgiveness and healing through this effort, His guidance and protection on Ms. Gray, her co-workers & their families.

  • Guest

    I am not so sure this is the way to get a point across.  About 15 years ago my wife had a stillbirth at 20 weeks.  Elizabeth Anne was so very small and she had been dead in utero for about 7 days.  When she was born, her skin had the same wrinkled lifeless appearance that you see in these abortion pictures.  While my wife was driving one day, someone on the side of the road waved one of these placards in front of her with the aborted fetus.  She still remembers that image, but at the time, it sent her into a deep depression not only from the image, but she felt as though she did something wrong or was being punished.  After that, there were 5 more miscarriages before we had our beautiful daughter.  I wish people would remember that there are good Catholic prolife people out there that DON'T need these images.  There are other ways to get the message out and to protect our children.


  • Guest


        I am very sorry for your losses.