A Race for the Cover-up

 Many people are aware of it, others will help sponsor it, and some will be participating in it.

I am talking about the upcoming annual spring event, the Susan G. Komen "Race for the Cure."  This initiative has all the appearances of a noble, community-minded effort, and basically it is.  The problem is that, unbeknownst to most of the public, there are serious problems with this organization and good will need to know about them, lest they become part of the problem.  These are not things the Komen Foundation wants to have exposed, but you need to know.

Figures are hard to come by because the Komen Foundation suppresses the information, but we do know that during 2003 alone the Komen Foundation contributed nearly one-half million dollars ($475,000) in grants to Planned Parenthood — the nation's leading provider of abortion "services," clandestine purveyor of contraception and abortion to minors, and promoter of many other practices destructive of the human family and society.

An old trick, which Komen uses, is to try to say that "your money" doesn't go to Planned Parenthood.  For example, they will point-out the lack of such funding at a local level, or use some other such ploy to try to "launder" the funds they receive, thereby creating the illusion of detachment of your money from the ultimate illicit recipient of funds.  The reality is that one is contributing to a common organization, and that organization is guilty of financing the killing of babies and the exploitation of their mothers by assisting Planned Parenthood. Consider why it is that much potentially useful medical data gleaned from meticulous research by Nazi medical personnel (such as the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele, in 1940's Nazi Germany) has not been used by present-day medical researchers. It is simply because the data arose from immoral and cruel experimentation on the Nazi's victims.  In the same way, we should have nothing to do with enterprises tainted by so significantly aiding and abetting the abortion holocaust.

Both prior to their Planned Parenthood funding being exposed and since that time, Komen has been guilty of a criminal cover-up of the undeniable evidence of the Abortion-Breast Cancer (ABC) link.  How many women's lives have been lost, and how many will continue to be endangered by Komen's callous refusal to reveal this growing danger to women's physical health?  Komen claims to be doing all they can to find a cure, yet their refusal to publicize this cause of breast cancer is eerily reminiscent of the tobacco industry's long denial of the smoking-lung cancer link — a connection that nobody denies now.  Just as tobacco companies tried for years to discredit the statistical facts, those in collusion with the abortionists are now trying to ignore or smear the ABC connection.  In the same way that many lawsuits have been filed against the tobacco companies for their cover-ups in the past, legal proceedings are now beginning to appear, citing the failure of abortion providers to warn women of the risks they had incurred of contracting breast cancer as a result of their abortions.  One example is a lawsuit filed not long ago against an abortion clinic in Portland, Oregon, which performed an abortion on a 15-year-old girl without informing her of the procedure's breast cancer (and psychological) risks.  The plaintiff's successful judgment against the clinic is believed to only be the start of what may very well be a tidal wave of similar lawsuits in the future

Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer explains the basic medical reason substantiating the statistical evidence behind the ABC link:  "Only a third-trimester (pregnancy) process matures breast cells into cancer-resistant tissue, and protects a pregnant woman from the overexposure to estrogen — a recognized carcinogen — experienced early in a normal pregnancy.  On the other hand, a woman who has an abortion is left with more cancer-vulnerable cells."  Malec also cites the fact that five medical groups and a bioethics center recognize that abortion raises a woman's risk for breast cancer, and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has called on doctors to warn women of a "highly plausible relationship" between abortion and the disease.

Lest anyone think that these are exaggerated claims, it is significant to point out the resignation of a high-level Komen employee based on these scandals.  Eve Sanchez Silver, who for four years held the position of charter member of the Komen Foundation's National Hispanic Latina Advisory Council, resigned not long ago in protest over the massive Planned Parenthood contributions and the unethical ABC link cover-up.  She has been speaking across the U.S.A. to expose the ABC link, and argues convincingly of England's perspective of this phenomenon:  "In Great Britain, they use abortion incidence as a indicator of breast cancer risk."  As abortion has been legal longer in that country, the British public is now generally aware of the ABC link.  When will the U.S. finally catch-up with England in this regard, and stop suppressing the dangerous ABC link?

For more information, please see the following websites: www.abortionbreastcancer.com, www.bcpinstitute.org, www.polycarp.org.

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