A Candidate for Our Daughters

Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska is now the Republican candidate for Vice-president. This news made the women I know — pro-life, fiscally conservative, desperate to have a good female role model in politics for our daughters — extremely happy and proud. When the announcement came I gathered my older daughters around the small kitchen television set and explained to them that this woman with five children, with a loving husband and strong commitment to her family had a very good chance at becoming our next Vice-president. I told them that this was history in the making and I encouraged them to watch her and learn that it is possible to be an uncompromising, tough politician and still be motherly, feminine and approachable.

It did not take long for the criticism to start pouring in from the Democratic Party. That is to be expected; they must have been as shocked as the rest of the country at Senator McCain’s brilliance in choice and timing. The talking heads were quick to point out Palin’s lack of experience in foreign policy and youth as drawbacks. Perhaps their time would have been better spent reading their own candidate’s resume and slinking off to a corner to ponder the irony of it all.

There has been a great deal of discussion about her lack of foreign policy experience in comparison to Senator Biden, the other candidate for Vice President. True, he does have more policy experience. It doesn’t mean he’ll get it right should the need arise. I have had a driver’s license for over 20 years and a lot of experience driving. This doesn’t mean I’m qualified to drive a cab in a busy, confusing city. There is no guarantee that I would get anyone, anywhere in a timely manner. Biden might have a lot of years under his belt but it doesn’t mean he’ll get us to the right place.

sarah-palin.jpgI saw a few criticisms on blogs and websites saying that a woman should be home raising her children. The fact is that God has given some woman extraordinary talents and skills to be used. There are women who are called to serve in a more visible way. To change the world not merely one diaper at a time but one country at a time. Our faith is blessed with many examples of holy women who have simultaneously raised families and worked. Venerable Marie-Zelie Martin, mother of Saint Therese of Lisieux and Saint Gianna Molla leap to mind.

Sarah Palin has been an elected official for 13 years. She has accomplished a great deal for the city she governed and for the great state of Alaska. She cut taxes, routed out corruption and started a process which will result in a natural gas pipeline being built in her state, benefiting the entire country.

She did a lot of this while pregnant. Speaking as a woman who has also been pregnant most of the last 13 years I can honestly say that some days my biggest accomplishment is watching my feet swell. After her brilliant speech accepting the job as a running mate to Senator McCain, Palin, her family and the McCains were interviewed by People Magazine for the upcoming issue. The interviewer was asked to wait a few minutes while the governor changed a diaper and located her breast pump. This is obviously a woman of boundless energy and a great ability to organize her time. Mothers all over the country can relate to this and we smile. We are perfectly willing to wait a few minutes for the sound bite, speech or appearance while a mom changes a diaper, bandages a boo-boo or looks over a beautiful picture. These are the things that unite us as women.

Governor Palin, while raising a beautiful family, has been called upon by God to use her great skills and talents to benefit not just the community in which she lives but the entire nation. This is a woman who when facing the diagnosis of a Down Syndrome child chose life and love and did not consider the criticism that might come her way from the radical feminists who worship at the abortion altar and believe any child that is not physically perfect is not worth having.

Governor Palin is a true feminist that the women of this country can be proud of, that we can point out to our daughters and say you can serve in office or run a corporation or work out of your home and still make your family and its values a priority. You can have a career and serve God, do his work and remain a feminine, charming woman. You do not need to compromise.

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  • stutmann9

    I am ecstatic to have Sarah Palin as Vice President. It will be the greatest pleasure to vote in this historic election for John McCain and Sarah Palin as President and Vice President and to pray for them DAILY! Praised be Jesus Christ!

  • Bruce Roeder

    I’ve been a little worried about Senator McCain, but his first presidential-level decision shows us who is the real agent of change in this election. From everything I can gather, Governor Palin is pro-life and has taken on corruption in her own party and has been unapologetically true to her core values. [a claim neither on the other ticket can make]

    Thank God!

  • cmacri

    I, too, am ecstatic to have Sarah Palin as the Vice Presidential Candidate. However, I believe that we must avoid the temptation to hold her up as an example of the mythical “supermom,” just because she is “one of us.” God has surely given her talents which she is using. She has managed to have a high-powered career, serve God and remain feminine, without compromise. However, the idea that she can do all of this without sacrifice, either on the part of herself, her husband or her children, is not realistic or even Catholic. Family and marriage are about sacrifice. Parents are called to heroic self-sacrifice.

    A man in politics are no different. If he manages to do it all and raise a great family, it is only because of a the support of a strong woman in the background who believes in and supports her husband, and is willing to devote a large part of her life to the needs of her children.

    We all need to pray for Sarah Palin, but we must not forget to pray for her husband. The ranks of heroically, self-sacrificing parents going about the daily, mundane chores of raising a solidly Catholic family will ultimately be what changes this world. It will probably even produce a few more Sarah Palins.

  • Claire

    I am also thrilled with Sarah Palin as Vice Presidential candiate. By the way, Mrs. Barrett, as the mother of 7, I find it very hard to believe that your biggest accomplishment of the day while pregnant was to watch your feet swell!

  • Mom2Godskids

    I wasn’t too excited about this election until McCain’s announcement of his Vice Presidential candidate. Nor did I know much about Sarah Palin until I did my homework on the internet about her. This woman is amazing and I am so thrilled at McCain’s choice. I think having Mrs. Palin as Vice President would be a great “CHANGE” for our country. She is someone that I, along with many others, would look up to for many years to come. Let us all join together to pray for the upcoming Presidential election and it’s outcome. May God Bless America!

  • veggiedude

    Since when are Catholics in favour of putting creationism along side of evolution in the classroom? I’m sorry but I missed that meeting.

    Palin is not qualified. Not even close. This is a sad embarrassment for the Republican party, and for US politics in the eyes of the world.

    Gavin Newsom is the Mayor of San Francisco. He governs a city that has 200,000 more people than the State of Alaska. That should put things into perspective.

    McCain has never been a mayor or a governor. Does that make him less qualified than Palin?

    Nonsense. Like McCain, Obama was a state Senator.

    Qualifications of Obama:

    Why you can’t vote for McCain:

  • veggiedude

    I forgot to mention that anyone who loves to kill animals as much as this woman takes the mantle of ‘pro-life’ and drags it in the dirt. What kind of moral value is that for our kids?

  • Veggie,

    I read the two posts at the links and am unimpressed.

    The Obama article skims over his complete disregard for life (abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, contraception) and Catholic Social Teaching (homosexual “marriage” and government forced wealth re-distribution).

    The McCain article was a personal attack by a man who is apparently bitter that Admiral McCain’s son got more acclaim than he did even though the writer was senior and was held longer.


    We love Gov Palin because she believes most of what we believe. Sure her record is a bit thin, but not nearly as thin as Obamas, and record nothwithstanding she will serve the US in a manner we believe is consistent with our Faith and our American values.

    Obama is a Marxist who wants to remake America into some sort of a liberal paradise…God save us from that Godless man.

  • Oh…and as for killing animals? I take my son hunting and fishing…my experience is that sportsman have a respect for Creation that others cannot because they must exercise their dominion over Creation. Men don’t hunt for sadistic glee…they hunt for meat. I don’t know a single hunter, and I know many, who don’t eat what the kill, nor kill more than they need.


    veggiedude- not sure where you are coming from with your comments. First, Mrs. Palin is not Catholic so whatever her views are on Creationsim vs. Evolution would be based upon her convictions from her Church. Second, having not read her comments in this area, you are not suggesting Evolution only are you. I mean, you do believe as the Church teaches that God is the Creator of the Universe? I fail to understand, however, how her or anyone’s view on creationsim would make them “not qualified” and an “embarrassment”.

    Gavin Newsome is a strange choice as a comparison to Mrs. Palin in terms of executive experience. Yes, he runs the largest sodomite city in the US, promotes homosexuality, same sex marriage and abortion on demand. Not exactly the type of leader I would be looking for. On the other hand, Mrs. Palin is pro-life, believes marriage should be between a man and a woman, wants to lower my taxes. Equating her love for hunting to be non-pro-life borders on the ludicrous. Would you rather have an animal loving Obama who would not support killing a souless animal, but who would support killing a human baby with a souls created in the image and likeness of God?

    As far as executive experience, unlike a mayor, Mrs. Palin controls a vast amount of land in Alaska and is the Commander-n-Chief of her National Guard, again expereince that Mr. Newsome and Obama do not have. Finally and quite importantly, you fail to identify that Mr. McCain was a commander in the Navy which provided him with extensive leadership and executive expereince. In addition, his valor and moral ethics while held in captivity by the Vietnamese exhibit courage and action under fire.

  • krby34

    Veggiedude – as far as priority or level of concern in consideration of election to office “teaching creationism next to evolution” would be a step in the right direction. At least that would allow equal time for a second theory rather than a stage dominated by a plan focused on an atheistic philosophy. This is not a perfect solution but far better than the alternative.

    Next as far a pro-life. This is the only major issue we all must focus our attention on. Someone who can see good and potential in all people deserves our vote. Obama has called pregnancy a “punishment” he would protect his daughters from because of one “mistake”. Gov. Palin did not see her fifth pregnancy ([begin sarcastic statement] certainly the fifth one is expendable for any reason if you are a democrat [end sarcastic statement]) even though Downs Syndrome was detected. This is a record of choice that we can believe in.

    Nearly as many Americans died in 2005 alone from abortion as in all wars since the revolutionary war (1.2 million abortions in 2005 and 1.211 in all wars). We spend millions on heart and cancer research – 1.1 million died from heart disease and cancers in 2005. There is no topic in this election more important than the lives of every American no matter skin color, sex, age, size or womb of residense! This is another fight for the life and liberties of another class of Americans that has been marginalized and thrown to the side. Like the recognition of blacks and women as “full” human beings were historical changes in our countries development and impact on the world we stand at the cross roads of another historical opportunity. Which road do you choose?

    I know which road Senators Obama and Biden would choose and I know which road Senator McCain and Governor Palin would choose. The question is now which driver to you want steering?

  • The Republican VP candidate wears bunny boots! (What are bunny boots? Ask an Alaskan!)

    God bless John McCain and Sarah Palin. They’ve got my enthusiastic vote for sure. I’m hoping that Palin is the factor that tips the ticket in McCain’s favor come election day – she sure was a brilliant choice.

  • wgsullivan

    Veggiedude – Were those comments meant to get everyone’s goat or are you not willing to entertain the real change exemplified by this VP choice. If Democrats feel a fresh face is needed, John McCain has given them a reason to vote. Sarah Palin is as fresh as it gets.
    I will always side with a hunter of animals and lover of children rather than a Joe Biden who claims Catholicism but doesn’t have the courage of his convictions when it comes to abortionists hunting down, the most vulnerable and innocent among us, babes in the womb.

  • bradyhenson

    She is a wonderful choice! This just solidified my vote!

  • jcstab143

    With so many Catholics in the US alone, I wonder what would happen in the election if we all voted pro-life and not just be cafeteria-catholics. I bet we could control the choice of for the presidency with our votes alone.

    Go McCain/Palin!

    Keep praying people, we can do it!

    In Christ.

  • Do you know what I think will happen come Election Day? Americans are going to see through Obama’s empty rhetoric and McCain-Palin will ride a groundswell of popular, pro-life support into the White House.

    2008 will be the year Catholics won the election, even though neither candidate is Catholic. The Church will have won because of her decades of vigilant prayer, work, and steadfast hope in the face of the impossible that abortion can be ended in this nation. After assuming office, President McCain and Vice-President Palin will appoint pro-life judges, and in a few years–who knows? Will the tide be turned on the Supreme Court? Could we even one day soon be looking at a pro-life amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

    Keep praying, hoping, and voting. May God’s will be done.

  • dennisofraleigh

    I quite agree, Brady. This one caught everybody by surprise. I was half-expecting Mike Huckabee but I’m glad Sen. McCain made the choice he did.

    Has anyone made comparisons between Gov. Palin and Teddy Roosevelt?
    Both were avid outdoors enthusiasts and hunters of big game.
    Both had municipal administrative experience (Teddy was Police Commissioner of NY, Palin a mayor of an Anchorage suburb.
    In addition, Palin served on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. She resigned in protest due to the extent of corruption she found there as Ethics Chair. Both the Alaska Attorney General and a fellow commissioner resigned in disgrace following Palin’s unrelenting crusade to clean up the Commission by way of the Alaska court system.
    Palin has a son who enlisted in the army and is going to a theater of war overseas.
    Teddy Roosevelt’s son enlisted to fight in the First World War, but was killed in action, shot down over France.
    Both Palin and Roosevelt were elected governors of their respective states.
    Teddy Roosevelt was elected VP in 1901 but succeeded to the presidency upon the assassination of Pres. William McKinley. TR was “only” 42 years old, the youngest man ever to serve in the office of POTUS. Palin is actually two years older that TR when he took the oath of office.

    And Barack Obama? Never mayor. Never governor. Never served on a state commission. Never served in the military (not even National Guard). First-term U.S. Senator. (Woo-hoo) So that makes HIM a “foreign-policy expert”? I don’t think so.

  • dennisofraleigh

    Roosevelt was the youngest man ever to serve as president until the election of JFK in 1960.

  • MichelleGA

    Well, I just saw that Gov. Palin’s 17 year old daughter is 5 months pregnant. I hope this doesn’t hurt the ticket too much. I am thankful that the Palin family is ready to help the daughter rather than have a secret abortion to cover themselves. It does speak so well of their moral convictions! The love and support of the Palin family for their daughter and grandbaby is a refreshing thing to have in the public light especially after Obama said he wouldn’t want his daughters “punished” with a child.

  • SolaGratia


    I believe you have picked up a fragment of a smear campaign by DailyKos – a totally obnoxious rabidly liberal (but I repeat myself) site that has been spreading viciously slanderous rumors about Gov. Palin’s baby Trig actually being her oldest daughter’s.

    These are totally untrue & they have absolutely nothing more to back up their wicked assertions than their own sordid imaginations (“Ooh, but Sarah Palin didn’t LOOK pregnant enough & it was all padding anyway…”) What they are doing is so very wrong – please make sure you have facts rather than hearsay before you unwittingly help spread stuff like this.

  • dennisofraleigh

    It’s possible if elected to the VP spot Gov. Pelin could someday become this country’s second Catholic to serve as POTUS. Gov. Pelin was baptized Catholic as an infant but her parents lapsed and joined a Pentecostal body where Pelin was re-baptized at about age 13. She may not be practicing, but if she ever darkened a door of a Catholic church and asked how to “become a Catholic” she would be told she already qualifies, and that she would need to go through the RCIA journey as a “Catholic seeking full communion with the Church.” I know. I sponsored a young man last year who returned to the Church under almost identical circumstances.

  • dennisofraleigh

    Yes, Gov. Palin’s daughter is expecting (see USA Today). She is going to keep the baby and marry the father. Daily Kos added the libel that Gov. Palin’s Down’s Syndrome baby was actually her daughter’s. Daily Kos is only one of a number of vile, mean-spirited, conduits of hate. We can expect a lot more of the same as this campaign continues. No candidate of her stature is safe from their malicious excesses. Yet (by contrast) the Obama camp has yet to bring forward substantial evidence that B.O. was born in the U.S. and is eligible for election to the presidency. Which is the bigger story? Don’t stay awake nights waiting for MSNBC or to delve into THAT one.

  • goral

    A guy from the hottest state and a girl from the coldest state, what better balance can there be on the ticket. Don’t like McCain but Pelin now makes him palatable.
    So they try to keep warm up there in Alaska and get carried away. God bless the mom and child.
    They also eat a lot of meat which does a better job of rejuvenating brain cells than do veggies. (expert opinion)

  • SolaGratia

    Thanks for the update – and I thought I was keeping up with things. MichelleGA, my apologies for the incorrect correction!

    Still, sad as it is, I’m betting this will be a non-story for the majority of Americans. If the Dems try to make something out of it, it will surely come back on them in a big way as there are too many who will be sympathetic to the family rather than those who want to use it as political fodder.

    Ironically, it actually shows the DailyKos fabrication up for the lie that it is since Gov. Palin’s son is 6 mos old (though they will probably now try to attribute the lie to the 2nd daughter – or maybe the little girl!)

  • Meat is murder….tasty, tasty murder.

    (sorry…just couldn’t resist…)

  • Claire

    I’m right there with you, Goral.

  • junior

    one has to be careful with violence to animals. We are all creatures in a sense; however, oversensitivity on an issue of our choosing does not compensate for insensitivity to what is, in the words of someone, an “inconvenient truth,” that not a life, but a human life, and not a human life, but the life of our own child is being destroyed. You are not being human by refusing to confront people with their choices because they don’t want to face them; you are burying them in a voiceless hell. Perhaps some people are not bothered by such choices, but I am willing to make a preferential option in favor of those who cannot deny what it is and create laws that proclaim the value of life and defend it.

  • dennisofraleigh,

    Wow! I didn’t know that. Let’s pray that the Governor of Alaska comes in out of the cold!

  • veggiedude

    “Veggiedude – as far as priority or level of concern in consideration of election to office “teaching creationism next to evolution” would be a step in the right direction.”

    Opposition to the death penalty would be a step in the right direction but all of you ignore it. The catholic church is against capital punishment. Why is is ignored and rights of unborn is championed by so many is bewildering to me. Should not both have equal footing? Where is the candidate opposed to the death penalty? It just goes to show that this issue is hyped up with emotion, not based on relgious principle as you all would like to believe.

    Enjoy your murder steaks.

  • aurit

    Fine point. The Church is not against capital punishment. If there is a safe way to incarcerate a prisoner for their life, then that is the best method. Throughout history this wasn’t always the case and in some current 3rd world countries this isn’t the case. I am glad to live in a society that has the ability to lock someone up and throw away the key. I am a registered republican who is against the death penalty and trying to stop its use.

    Another fine point. Are you trying to compare the thousands killed by abortion each year to the handful of convicted murderers on death row that have gone through numerous appeals? Veggiedude, seems that you are a pro-abortion and are trying to make an exception the rule to defend the indefensible.

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  • veggiedude

    “Veggiedude, seems that you are a pro-abortion and are trying to make an exception the rule to defend the indefensible”

    Pro-choice. Pro-life. They are just labels. By not forcing my moral values on you, does that make me pro-meat eating? That is ridiculous logic. I am opposed to the killing of innocent animals for the sake of your appetite for death. But I am pro-choice and would not be for outlawing such habits. I don’t like hard core drugs, or alcohol for that matter, but I believe both should be legal, not illegal. Maybe I’m libertarian. I don’t put much on labels. Neither should you.

  • heinz

    I find it odd who exactly is griping about Mrs. Palin’s daughter being pregnant: the far left! Think about it, in the normal everyday world, these guys would be either neutral to this behavior or perhaps even support it, and now they are just accusing their opponents of it because it is a convenient point of attack. Perhaps they know that this is wrong, but they are just unwilling to say it. Very interesting.

    I do not mean at all to downplay the wrongness of the act, but I definitely wanted to state the irony.

    In the meantime, it seems that we need to keep all politicians in our prayers, especially those who do not uphold the Church’s teachings (i.e. Obama).


  • Jim

    From the Catechism of the Cathlic Church, paragraph 2353: “Fornication is carnal union between an unmarried man and an unmarried woman. It is gravely contrary to the dignity of persons and of human sexuality which is naturally ordered to the good of spouses and the generation and education of children. Moreover, it is a grave scandal when there is corruption of the young.”

    In fairness to the author of this article, it was written before the behavior of Palins daughter became known. I am glad the child will be carried to term. I am not so sure about the marriage to come.

    That being said, I am deeply troubled by the “non-issue” attitude of so many people regarding her daughter’s out of wedlock pregnancy. On the radio, TV, and elswhere, I have heard the words mistake, disappointment, etc., but I have yet to hear the word “SIN”, as in “we regret that our daughter and her boyfriend “SINNED” by engaging in pre-marital sex. Further, is getting married automatically such a good idea….If they really loved each other, would they not have had the mutual respect to WAIT…..which opens up the possibility that marriage is not appropriate, but adoption. Does not the Catholic Church teach that an unexpected preganancy does not necessarily constitute grounds for marriage, and that the pressure of an unexpected pregnancy as a reason for marriage is automatic grounds for an annulment??? What message is being sent to our youth who we are trying to impress upon in no uncertain terms that they need to wait until marriage before having sexual relations, if for no other reason than the abiltiy to truely know the future spouse can be badly compromised by the pre-marital sexual experience???

    I realize that the VP candidate is not Catholic, but that does not mean that these concerns should not be addressed in a Catholic venue. Palin has been extolled as the extraordinarily gifted woman that has managed to balance both career and family, and yet this revelation clearly brings that claim into question. My Catholic upbringing always stressed that family comes before career, and I think that in this instance, it needs to be re-emphasized…kids with appropriate levels of parental involvement stay off drugs, alcohol, and don’t become tangled up in an unexpected preganancy. Palin needs to be more candid about the sinful behavior of her daughter and her boyfriend, the possible failure of herself and her husband in the formation of their daughter, and stress the need for all to PUBLICLY ask for forgiveness from God. She has claimed to be a Christian; in my opinion, she needs to do better in living up to that Christian standard.

    All Catholic youth who may be confused by the downplaying of this incident please note: sexual relations out of wedlock are gravely sinful (depending on circumstances, mortal); if you are guilty of this sin, you should seek forgiveness in the Sacrament of Confession before receiving Holy Communion.

  • wgsullivan

    veggiedude- Am I to understand you are against killing innocent animals but ok with killing innocent babies? Ummm… logic?
    Scripture’s pretty clear on us being given dominion over the creatures not created in His image.
    Concerning the VP’s daughter,the far left will chalk up the VP’s daughter being pregnant to not enough contraceptives readily available out there.

  • Claire

    Jim, I agree with much of your comments, but the truth is that even children from the best of Catholic Christian homes with appropriate levels of parental involvement can go astray at times. Governor Palin shouldn’t necessarily be blamed for her daughter’s sin. I share your reservations about whether marriage is the answer for this situation, but the most important thing is that she chose life for her baby.

  • Veggiedude,

    there IS occasionally justification for executions. Basically, execution must be the only means available to protect others from the threat posed by the criminal in question.

    That just doesn’t apply to abortion. Abortion is always the willed slaying of a completely defenseless person who has no means to do anyone harm.


    the far left will only approve of young Miss Palin’s pregnancy when it is violently terminated in a abortuary.


    So Jim, are you saying that any of us Catholic parents where both spouses work are potentailly sinning if one of our children make a mistake, sin, take a wrond decision? Yes. in a perfect world it would be nice to have stay at hoem parent, but unfortunately for many of us that is difficult to accomplish. How do you know that the family and the girl in have not sought forgivenes and reconciliation? Why does it have to be public? Why are we not holding so called Catholic politicians who promote abortion through their public policies to this same standard. Why don’t they need to publically repent? No, I am sorry, this is not fair and not Christian in what you askink of this girl and her family.

  • Jim

    Claire and Michael- insisting on a measeure of (not total) parental responsibitliy for a child that is not of majority age is not playing the “blame” game. Michael, congratulations for using the word sin in your response, I am truely impressed! No body else does. As for the public part of your comment, unlike you and me, THEY ARE PUBLIC FIGURES who profess a belief system that has very serious things to say about this kind of behavior and how you raise your children. Insisting on this is not the “sin of detraction,”, they have already made it public. Perhaps you should mediatate on the word SCANDAL for a time and reconsider your assesment of my “un-Christian” comment. The Palins public statement released on this is sickening – she will now have to grow up because she is now pregnant??? OH PLEASE. What does the way this is being PUBLICALLY handled really say to our young people, so many of whom are tempted to have children because they are marks of status in school, or the Hollywood glamour crowd that have them as some sort of fashion statement??? SCANDAL, SCANDAL, SCANDAL!!!

  • Jim

    Oh, hell – no one cares about sin, fornication and scandal anymore, it is all just “a mistake” – Father, forgive me for I have made a “mistake”….what a joke Christians are.

  • Claire

    Jim, a parent can’t control everything their child does, pure and simple. All they can do is provide an appropriate level of supervision and interaction, teach them right from wrong, and hope for the best.

  • I was thrilled when I heard McCain had chosen Palin as his running mate, and I continued to be thrilled, despite the recent revelation about her daughter’s pregnancy.

    Does her daughter’s pregancy somehow make her an inapropriate candidate? I don’t think so. “Kids with appropriate levels of parental involvement stay off drugs, alcohol, and don’t become tangled up in an unexpected preganancy.” Ouch. Not always. Young people have free will, and will make choices that have nothing to do with their parents. Does the fact that I became pregnant when I was a young unmarried college student mean my mom was a bad mother? Hardly.

    Scandal? Perhaps. Isn’t all sin scandalous? I am a relatively new visitor to the comments on Catholic Exchange, and every time I visit I am saddened by the venom I see there. The anger just amazes me. Do we realize that our angry, negative comments, seemingly made without charity, are also scandalous?


    brockenandblessed-thank you for you comments as I too sometimes read these posts and perhaps I am guilty too of anger and negative comments. I agree with you that all sin is scandalous and in fact defamatory toward the one person that matters most-Our Lord. I still feel quite strongly that in this case, this young woman sinned, made a mistake, and we don’t know if she has made her rpentance to the Lord. And quite frankly that is hers and our own main responsibility when we offend God- to return to Him in sorrow asking for HIS forgiveness. Yes, there may be others whom we also need to turn to to ask forgiveness beacsue of the nature of our particular sin, but it is from God that it is aboslutely required. I am still not why a public contrition on the part of this young woman or Mrs. Palin herself is required.

  • wgsullivan

    I too would be an example of great parents and poor personal decision making when I was an adolescent. I had great examples and simply chose otherwise.
    Mrs. Palin’s daughter has indeed sinned but she has chosen to not sin again in the matter with abortion. Praise God for another good example upholding the sanctity of life.

  • The comment above about sin and hipocrisy are valid questions…I offer my response to those questions here:


  • veggiedude

    “Mrs. Palin’s daughter has indeed sinned but she has chosen to not sin again in the matter with abortion. Praise God for another good example upholding the sanctity of life.”

    Hmmm, where were you when Britney Spears little sister got pregnant? All I could hear was that it was a tragedy and bad example for teenagers all over. Now I know better – as long as you have the baby, it is a great example and something to look up to. Thanks for clearing that up.

    “there IS occasionally justification for executions. Basically, execution must be the only means available to protect others from the threat posed by the criminal in question.”

    That is not the position of the Catholic Church. Maybe you are not catholic. Neither am I, but I’m against all capital punishment. Revenge is not in my blood.

  • Cooky642

    Veggiedude, I was determined to stay out of this discussion, but I feel that someone has to answer your last post and I’m not sure anyone else is interested enough in this thread to do so.

    First, if you’d been following CE, you’d have read that we were all disappointed in Jamie Spears’ pregnancy, and concerned for the effect it would have on other young women. I think that’s where most of us are on Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. Her sin and any repentance are between her and God. I think the most encouraging thing for all of us was that both young women chose to have their babies. Hopefully, they will raise them in a Christian environment.

    As for your concern for animals–and disregard for human babies–I don’t see any possibility of support for you on this site. While none of us would endorse inhumane treatment of animals, they were given to us to use as food. If your diet doesn’t require animal protein, good for you. Like most people, I do not “murder” my steak (and despise those who do by over-cooking it! 😉

    Thirdly, Arkanabar was stating the correct position of the Catholic Church when she wrote “Basically, execution must be the only means available to protect others from the threat posed by the criminal in question.” I am one of few–and, perhaps, the only pro-lifer–who disagrees with the Church in this matter. And, guess what? Until the Magisterium of the Church declares definitively on this matter, I am allowed to disagree to my heart’s content! In the O.T.–and don’t groan at me that Jesus superceded the O.T. since He also said He came to fulfill the Law and not do away with it–there were a variety of “crimes” that warrented the death penalty (and some would surely alarm us today!). While God “takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked”, He obviously saw some sins/crimes as so heinous as to be a cancer on the society. When you have cancer, you can put anti-biotic cream and a band-aid on it if you like, but that’s not going to get rid of the cancer. The only ways to get rid of cancer (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy) all involve killing the cancer cells. If certain people are a cancer on society, they should be treated as cancer and destroyed. Those people are all adult human beings who, for whatever reason, have made a deliberate choice for evil. Actions have consequences; choose evil, and pay the price. It’s not a matter of “revenge”, it’s a matter of safeguarding society.

    Finally (and I apologize for this being so long), you have obviously not thought through your opinion of abortion. An innocent, pre-born child has done nothing to deserve the death penalty. That’s why we are against abortion. Personally, I believe in “choice”. However, once you’ve unzipped your jeans, you’ve made your “choice”. After that, the “choice” belongs to the baby, and NO baby chooses to die.