Homily of the Day

When we hold on too tightly to our own concerns and worries, we cease to notice the needs of others. We get so caught up in what we have to do to survive. We distract ourselves with busy schedules, or we just don’t want to see beyond routine and mediocrity. That’s all perfectly normal. But, shouldn’t we pray for the grace to do something much more than what we’re presently doing?

Jesus shows us just what it will take. It’ll probably mean giving up our own lives so that others may live. Are we ready to do that for our brothers and sisters? Can we let go of what’s bothering us at the moment so that we can properly look after a brother or a sister who might be in dire straits? This dying to ourselves will happen again and again, but the positive effects will also be multiplied. That’s how many seeds can be produced by the supreme sacrifice of just one. Jesus guides us on this self-giving way that has a definite multiplier effect.

This service is not meant to be a temporary occurence. We’re invited to give completely of ourselves until our very last breath. This might seem like a very strict requirement: indeed we are proclaiming that we are not meant only for this world.

Jesus realized that everything on this earth was temporary, both the joys and the pains: everything is fleeting. The real peace and happiness that we seek can only be found in the Father’s love. We are called to die to our own insecurities, our personal conflicts, our selfish interests, and our self-centeredness. Only when we open ourselves to what God accepts in us can we be able to die to the temporary and give in to what is eternal and lasting. We are meant for something so much more.