Homily of the Day

In the first reading the prophet Hosea speaks of God’s love for Israel despite Israel’s infidelities.

In today’s Gospel reading Jesus sends off the Twelve on mission without expecting any return; he gives them the gift of healing, of raising the dead back to life, of cleansing lepers and driving out demons. He tells them to proclaim the coming of God’s kingdom.

While we have not been given the same miraculous powers to share with others, we too are missioned to preach the Good News and to do what we can to make people happier and more peaceful and the world brighter and more loving.

Jesus tells the Twelve not to bring gold or an extra shirt but to trust in other people. He reminds us to travel light and to be aware of what is really important in our life’s journey. He tells us to trust in the goodness of people and to believe in the benevolence of God’s creation.


Are we ready to return God’s love for us by loving others?