2 Years Later: CHRC Looks at Complaint by Catholic Who Sought to Divert Union Dues over Same-Sex “Marriage”

A member and officer of Canada’s civil service union, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), who brought a human rights complaint against the union to the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) two years ago, has informed LifeSiteNews.com that the CHRC has finally looked at his claim.David MacDonald, President of PSAC Local 70160 in Ottawa, informed LSN that he received a demand from the CHRC on December 18 that he respond to their legal arguments against his complaint by Christmas Eve.

MacDonald alleged in his original complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission that he was “discriminated against and harassed based on my religious beliefs” by the Treasury Board, who refused his request to re-direct his union dues to avoid PSAC’s support for “same-sex marriage” and “zero-tolerance” policy for what they term “heterosexism,” which the union describes as “the presumption that everyone is heterosexual and that heterosexuality is superior to other forms of loving.”

In his written submission to the CHRC, MacDonald stated that the union had created a “hostile” work environment in its refusal to accept his religious objection to the union’s support for the homosexual “lifestyle.” The union’s stance on “heterosexism,” MacDonald said, places him in the position of being at risk of violating the union’s policy in any attempt he might make to defend his religious rights. “This has created an untenable situation,” he said, “and a stressful and at times, hostile, work environment.”

MacDonald told LifeSiteNews.com that in his response to the CHRC he argued that, “It is against my Catholic conscience to have my union dues used to ‘re-educate’ those who hold traditional Christian views so that we can have a zero-tolerance policy towards heterosexism. Since those who believe in the teaching of the Catholic Church or similar conservative Christian faiths, are all heterosexist, it creates an unnecessary hostile work environment.”

MacDonald referred to the similar case of Susan Comstock who, with the support of her union Local 70160, asked to have her union dues redirected to a charity because of her religious opposition to same-sex “marriage,” which the PSAC strongly supports.

When PSAC refused her request, she lodged a complaint with the CHRC, which subsequently refused to consider the allegation of discrimination, stating that “no prohibited ground of discrimination was established” and that the Catholic Church does not forbid trade union membership.

“While there are similarities with the Comstock case, she lost because the Court said it had no evidence of bias at the CHRC before it to consider the argument,” MacDonald said, explaining that he has well-documented evidence showing religious discrimination by PSAC.

“I provided that evidence. In addition, I detail the numerous threats and differential treatment that the PSAC has made against me which is completely consistent with the bigoted Policy 31 on heterosexism. These arguments were not presented in Comstock.

“More importantly, I have shown specific ways in which I have been threatened, harassed and treated in a differential manner because of my Catholic Faith,” MacDonald said.

Doubtful of the outcome of his submission to the CHRC, which has gained a reputation in recent years for having an extreme liberal bias and agenda, MacDonald concluded, “The CHRC seems more interested in whether someone’s feelings might be hurt rather than addressing more substantive issues. The CHRC is cherry picking cases that promote their own hate inspired agenda and this should be troubling for all Canadians.”

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