“Thus plunged anew in God, who is in that creation to which He has given Himself, man can take up again his daily toil. In this He is not alone. He leans upon HIM WHO  IS; he draws from Him both light and strength. Beyond what he does, he sees Him for whom and by whom he acts, and is united with Him in his task. His every act takes on an immense importance, outstrips the brief moment in which it is done, and is engraved in eternal duration.”




-Dom Augustin Guillerand, The Prayer of the Presence of God.

Dom Augustin Guillerand


Dom Augustin Guillerand (1877-1945) was a French Carthusian monk who entered La Valsainte monastery in Switzerland in 1916. During the tumults of the 20th Century, Dom Augustin would become famous for his calm and peaceful demeanor and his spiritual teachings. While many of his writings have been lost, we are proud to publish a few here.