You’d Be Surprised: What It’s Really Like to be a Priest in Training

The following video was produced by actual seminarians from the Archdiocese of Mobile for the Archdiocesan Catholic Youth Conference February 22-24, 2013.

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  • Deb


  • Paul Schultz

    That is just sick… REPRESENT! 🙂

  • Tonia

    My six year old daughter was very conserned when she saw the seminarian eating bread and water! We just got back from the food bank and I think she was wondering if seminarians ever got donations! She was glad you got to dance though, because you need to get some exercise. Now that she gets the joke, she just wants to tell you it was a good movie and she wants to watch it 100 times.

  • calliediamond


  • Religious priest

    Love this video. Thank you so much for producing it and sending the message to young men and high school students out there. God bless you all in your vocations always

  • Greg

    This was great. I love this.

  • Judy

    can’t wait to share this with our youth group — thanks!

  • secondofeight

    This video says private and can no longer be viewed. I was cracking up laughing watching it. My son’s favorite songs are on it. Can you fix it?

  • phantom

    Best wishes for your future service to our parishes around the country!We need you!

  • Laureen

    Loved this!! I’ll be praying for these beautiful young man-to-be-the-best-priests!!

  • Guest

    Thank You!