An excerpt from Genevieve’s Kineke’s: The Authentic Catholic Woman

St. Clare, a religious of the 13th Century, provides a beautiful witness to the link between the earthly meal and the heavenly banquet. Having come from a distinguished family with ample food and drink, she carried her spirit of generosity into her life of austere poverty. She knew the meaning of shared sustenance and its reflection of supernatural realities, and most importantly, she understood that all of creation is a gift to be handed on without measure or discrimination. There was no ego in her provision for others, and no limit to her denial of self.

Clare trusted God, as good and generous as He is, would provide. Indeed, so sturdy was her faith that He worked miracles through her and fed many with seemingly little food – the proverbial “loaves and fishes” story revisited as He fed His little flock of Poor Clares and their companions. Lord make us as humble and generous as St. Clare.

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