Benjamin Mann

Benjamin Mann


Benjamin Mann is a Byzantine Catholic, former atheist, and incurable philosopher. From 2013 to 2015, he spent 11 months with the community of Holy Resurrection Monastery, before leaving to pursue the alternative possibilities of the "new monasticism." Along with his contributions to Catholic Exchange and the Catholic World Report, he has published a short autobiographical book entitled "Shouting Through the Water" (available as a free download at


Do Not Be Afraid of Silence

Ordinariness of Monasticism

The Ordinariness of Monasticism

Enigma of Life

Remaining Alive to the Enigma of Life

personal hell

A Glimpse of Heaven in My Personal Hell

Shouting Through The Water

‘Shouting Through The Water’: A Story of Strength in Weakness

reading news

The Day I Stopped Reading the News

Art of Presence

Gadgets, Distractions, and the Art of Presence

Buddhism and Catholicism

Buddhism & the ‘Conversion’ Before my Conversion

Mystique of the City

The Mystique of the City: Illusory and Real

Fear of Loneliness

Finding Release from the Fear of Loneliness